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pay off your credit cards and travel up to 90mins to a job,

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thomas davison
Party Leader

Joined: 03 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:19 am    Post subject: pay off your credit cards and travel up to 90mins to a job, Reply with quote

Has Camerloon lost the plot altogether?, is he really so stupid? YES HE IS!!!
THE unemployed will be expected to accept jobs within 90 minutes of home under a Tory crackdown unveiled yesterday, thats OK as long as there are jobs to get, where are they?

He also wants us to pay off our credit cards and loans so that the banks can fill their coffers with cash so that they can again gamble it on rubbish, which will be alright because we will bail them out again.

Why does he not start at the top, the banks, they caused this down- turn, they should pay for it, better still they should have been allowed to go to the wall, then all the people who owed them money would be debt free?

Instead of giving billions away to foreign countries and illegal immigrants, shut our borders, get rid of those who should not be here and get out of the EU once and for all.

This would save us billions, with the money start manufacturing again, build ships, we are an Island after all, trade with our commonwealth partners again and look after ourselves.

As for our built in trouble makers, social and religious, its time to get tough and bring back hanging and deportation, throw out the human rights laws,
when injustice becomes law, as it is in this country, resistance becomes your duty.

Let me get this right If you cross the KOREAN Border you get 12 years hard labour
If you cross the Iranian border you are detained indefinitely
If you cross the Afghan border you get shot
If you cross Saudi Arabian border you are Jailed
If you cross the Venezuelan border you are classed as a Spy your fate is sealed
If you cross the cuban your life is in jail
If you cross the border into Britain you will get a house in Millionairs row Rent paid a drivers licience the right to demand where you live and medical care a televisions in every room, computer connected to the internet up to 8000 per month rent and benefits for all of your children and your three wives.

Now then that is what I call Government treating the people of this country as equals We in this country need change from what is running this godforsaken place and all of its unfairness were bankers go to the betting shop with our money Government minister steal leaders who cannot make positive policies that are for the countries betterment but rake in their pay and expenses whilst we pay for theie stupidity not another country in this world would allow such crass lack of true Government,
Get this lot and the last lot put out to graze without pensions and homes that they have afforded themselves so generously that we pay through the nose for, it goes on and on does it not ...

If nothing is done we will not have a country it will be given away to all and sundrea who walk in here with open hands and expect YOU the idiot to hand it all over.

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