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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:13 am    Post subject: CAMERLOON WANTS YOU TO GIVE YOUR LAST PENNY TO AFRICA Reply with quote

Foreign aid 'sign of strength': TV broadcast is given over to 'cash for Africa' appeal
By Kirsty Walker

Last updated at 11:43 PM on 5th October 2011

Generous spirit:
David Cameron insists we should never turn our backs on the world's poor, BUT WHAT ABOUT OURS HERE?
David Cameron insisted yesterday that his decision to pour billions more into foreign aid at a time of austerity was a sign of ‘moral strength’.

The Prime Minister confronted critics within his own party by insisting that everyone in Britain should be proud that ‘we never turn our backs on the world’s poorest’.

Many Tories are furious at the decision to increase aid spending by 34 per cent to more than £11billion while most public services are facing steep cuts.

The Conservative Party broke with convention last night to use its annual party political broadcast to launch an appeal for the public to give money to charities working to relieve the drought in East Africa.
Around 40 MPs and cabinet ministers – including David Cameron, George Osborne and William Hague – delivered brief comments during the short film.

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After another round of conferences, it's time for the party to end!

The broadcast, which started with Mr Hague, began by mocking the more traditional party political broadcasts and finished with the Prime Minister making a serious appeal for donations to the East Africa Appeal.

Cynics immediately dismissed the broadcast as a ‘stunt’ and questioned whether the decision to focus on the famine is a ploy for the party to bolster its compassionate image.

Desperate: A nurse shaves a boy's head before giving him an injection in a hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia, which has been hit with recurring droughts
Mr Cameron’s controversial aid pledge will see spending rise from £7.5billion last year to £11.4billion in 2013 – an increase of 34 per cent after taking inflation into account.
The Prime Minister said: ‘Leadership in the world is about moral strength as much as military might.’

He added that in four years, British aid will have helped vaccinate greater numbers of the world’s poorest children than the entire population of England.

‘I really believe, despite all our difficulties, that this is the right thing to do,’ he said. ‘That it’s a mark of our country, and our people, that we never turn our backs on the world’s poorest, and everyone in Britain can be incredibly proud of it.’
Spoof: William Hague was one of the many Conservative ministers who contributed to the video, which begins with a comedy tone
Making a point: London Mayor Boris Johnson joins in to make the observation that graphs are often used in party political broadcasts
Final act: David Cameron appears at the end to make a serious point
All main parties are given airtime during the conference season. But their broadcasts have suffered a massive decline in viewing figures, reflecting the plummeting trust in politicians.

Steve Hilton, Mr Cameron’s controversial policy guru, is believed to be behind the idea to reject the opportunity of delivering a political message.

A spokesman said the party wanted to offer a more ‘refreshing’ approach to party political broadcasts. It is thought to be the first time that the party has given over its message to a charitable cause. He added that the public had already seen enough of the Conservatives on television this week.

The broadcast began with Mr Hague in a wood-panelled room announcing ‘a party political broadcast’. Backbench MP Louise Mensch added ‘ … a sentence guaranteed to get you reaching for your remote’.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles then popped up in a kitchen holding a blue mug with the words ‘ … or escaping to the kitchen to brew a quick cuppa’.

A succession of MPs and cabinet ministers then parodied traditional political adverts in which men in dark suits sit behind desks and read autocues criticising the Opposition. Ken Clarke cut in, saying: ‘But what does all that actually achieve?’

George Osborne continued: ‘You know some things are more important than that. Things like death, famine and one of the biggest humanitarian crises in a generation.’

The MPs pointed out that East Africa is suffering its worst drought in 60 years and a child is dying every six minutes. International Aid Secretary Andrew Mitchell added that the UK has donated more than £120million in aid to provide emergency assistance to more than three million people.

And where are your morals when it comes to the people of your own country? The pensioners who will be frightenened to put on their heating this winter because their savings are being eroded on a daily basis, the 1.6 million children in the UK who are living in severe poverty, the young people who have no jobs or hope for the future, the genuine disabled who are in fear of benefit cuts.Time to stop feeding the rest of the world - it hasn't worked in over 25 years despite trillions being handed out - and concentrate on your own people. Millionaire politicians just don't have a clue on what it's like for the ordinary person in the street!

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:10 pm    Post subject: Famine is only birth control in Africa Reply with quote

Sad to say but the population in Africa is now so vast that the environment can no longer sustain so many people. Hence the famine.
7,9,15 children is not an unusual number in the African family and parents cannot afford to feed them all.
Aid charities give food and water and wonder why the problem gets worse. Its much worse now than when Aid first started.
That Eton educated,bleeding heart fool Cameron could give our GNP to Africa and it would not make an iota of difference except help them breed even more Africans and worsen the problem.
We should mind our own business,help our own poor and keep away from Africa and similar dumps.
Since Bob Geldorf went with food aid to Ethiopia their population has doubled and hence twice the problem has emerged. The whole population is kept alive with food donation and aid.
No one can cope with this situation and we should let nature take its course.
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