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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:36 pm    Post subject: AWAKE YE ENGLISHMEN AWAKE, LAWFUL REBELLION MAKE Reply with quote


We will NEVER accept the validity of the Lisbon and EU Treaties!
British Traitors – the EU and a Conspiracy of Silence

Do not be fooled by David Cameron’s stalling over an EU Referendum, he and all Parliamentarians and Judges know, though they haven’t told us:-

On 1st November 2014, QMV (Qualified Majority Voting), which cannot be vetoed by any national government, will replace the national parliamentary jurisdiction of its members; Brussels will legislate in almost every aspect of both national and international policy.

The Governments of traitors, Heath, Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown, unlawfully committed treason and sedition. by signing away our sovereignty.

It is treason to empower any foreign country, nation, or state to hold power over us.

We should have been warned of what was to come by the pocket filling antics of the Traitor Lord Kinnock. As EU Commissioner he sacked the independent auditor who revealed the corruption of EU politicians, while he was actively engaged in claiming traveling expenses, from the UK to Brussels, while living over there. “It is allowed under the rules,” he whined when challenged by the press. It was such a goldmine he promptly found EU jobs in Brussels for his wife and family.

From where I stand, any politician making a claim for expenses that they have not occurred is a crook, a thief stealing from the taxpayer. Let the windbag sue me, if he dare!

New Labour, were aided by the simpering wets who make up the Liberal Party, and the compliance of the Tory opposition.
Unless we, the ‘Little Englanders’ stage a rebellion, from 1st November 2014 the EU will decide and control almost every aspect of our lives. Not one of the three major political parties has dared to reveal the depth of their treason, the betrayal of us and our country.

Having rigged the democratic system, subverted the judiciary, civil service and politicised the police, our three main political parties are all determined to prove their loyalty to their EU masters. They, have conspired together, lied to and betrayed us, the very people we pay them to serve.

Beware of those who would distract you with talk of a referendum, for just as the Government committed treason by signing the agreement to end Britain’s three mile sovereignty of the oceans surrounding us, and the Lisbon and EU Treaty, a referendum cannot allow you or I to commit treason by handing power to the EU.


Am I exaggerating the magnitude of the loss of British Parliamentary Power? Below is a list of the areas from which the British national veto has been removed from 1st November 2014, to be replaced by QMV.
Be warned, there is little time left for inaction, if we want our country back we are going to have to demonstrate on a scale that this country has never seen before.

The Government must scrap all 110,000 EU laws and regulations. End all payments to the EU and the taxes it imposed on us.

We must declare, ‘Lawful Revolt’, and refuse to pay taxes to a Government engaged in sedition and treason, and acting without our consent.

We are, by law, Freemen and Women, governed by OUR consent, not the slop bucket slaves of the EU state.

Tony Butler

(Angry Old Git)
Here is a list of the areas of powers being transferred to EU competence, that are currently subject to unanimity and will become subject to QMV from 1st November, 2014.

Competence Area: In the Nice Treaty – In the Lisbon Treaty

Initiatives of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV following unanimous request

Administrative cooperation – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Asylum Unanimity – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV

Border controls – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Citizens initiative regulations – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Civil protection – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Committee of the Regions – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Common defence policy – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Crime prevention incentives – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Criminal judicial cooperation – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Criminal law – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Culture – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Diplomatic and consular protection – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Economic and Social Committee – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV

Emergency international aid – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Energy – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

EU budget The– Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Eurojust – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

European Central Bank – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

European Court of Justice – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Europol – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Eurozone external representation – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Foreign Affairs High Representative election (New) – Lisbon: QMV

Freedom of movement for workers – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Freedom to establish a business – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon QMV

Freedom, security, justice, cooperation & evaluation – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Funding the Common Foreign and Security Policy – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

General economic interest services – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Humanitarian aid – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Immigration Unanimity – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV

Intellectual property – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Organisation of the Council of the European Union – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Police cooperation – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

President of the European Council election (New) – Lisbon: QMV

Response to natural disasters and terrorism (New) – Lisbon: QMV

Rules concerning the Armaments Agency – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Self-employment access rights – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Social security Unanimity – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV

Space – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Sport – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Structural and Cohension Funds – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Tourism – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Transport – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV

Withdrawal of a member state (New) – Lisbon: QMV


1. Britain is surrendering to Brussels, control of its: Asylum, Border Controls, Freedom of Movement for Workers and Immigration. (The EU is already holding secret talks with India, which will result in freedom of movement for its skilled workforce.)

As we have learned to our cost, skilled workers, from poorer countries, are already taking the basic wage paying jobs upon which our own workforce, depend. Yet the EU has ruled that national contracts must go to the lowest tender, bugger the national workforce.

As you can see from the above list, from 1st November 2014 every aspect of our lives will be decided by Brussels, thanks to the lies and secret machinations of the Conservatives, Liberals and New Labour politicians.

It is outrageous that we have not been informed that in just two years time individual national withdrawal from the EU will be banned, unless agreed by a majority vote in the self serving EU Parliament.

Cameron has been cynically playing for time, stalling us with vague promises to veto, or offer a referendum on any attempt by the EU of expanding its powers, or drafting a new treaty, while knowing that in halfway through their first term of office, his government will be stripped of the power to do so.

This is more than a criminal betrayal of trust, by successive Governments, but a conspiracy that borders upon treason, aided and abetted by the judiciary of England.

We have a about one hundred weeks remaining in which to free ourselves, not from just the EU but also the rotten to the core political establishment, by forming a new movement that puts our country first. A new movement that embraces, traditional British Christian based values and its history.

We have been frogmarched into the world of the sneering liberal elite, men and women who consider themselves above censure, or moral restraint, and it is a world that stinks.

One Hundred Weeks left to regain control and protect our children’s heritage and freedom. Therefore, let all of you who would join the battle, a battle which will be waged against the might of the state and the media, join us and the others already engaged in Lawful Rebellion, Freemen on the Land, and other groups.

We must restrict all immigration, including those from EU member states in order to protect our heritage and infrastructure, that’s common sense, yet neither, Conservatives, Labour, nor Liberal dare to do what is right for Britain. Therefore, we must do so by ourselves.
Our sneering politicians call those who of us opposed to unrestricted immigration and want withdrawal from the EU as, Little Englanders.

Here is one Little Englander who is determined to take on the establishment and fight to free my country, England, and also the other three countries that make up Great Britain.

I am asking you to join us, to become a Little Englander and help us in our fight to set the UK free. We are on the verge of losing practically everything we believe in, by doing nothing.

For me that’s no longer an option, how about you?

At heart, aren’t you a Little Englander too?

If so why not join me and seek out other Little Englanders to unite and demand our freedom and our country back?

England Needs YOU!

Want to leave the EU?

Well, now it really is a case of, if we do not get out now, we shall never be allowed to!
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