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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:09 pm    Post subject: NET IMMIGRATION SOARS TO RECORD HIGH, THROW THEM OUT NOW Reply with quote

Net migration soars to record high last year despite Tory promises numbers would be slashed
591,000 immigrants came to UK in 2010

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:49 PM on 24th November 2011

Net migration reached a record high last year despite the Government's promise to slash numbers.
The figure climbed to 252,000 in 2010, as emigration dropped and the number of those coming into the country remained at unsustainable levels.
The recession has been blamed for fewer Britons leaving the country, with many who wish to move abroad struggling to land a job overseas.

Population problem: Net migration in Britain rose to record levels last year as far more people enter the country than leave
Generous offers of working abroad - the main reason for emigration - have become a rarity as the economy teeters on the brink of disaster.
The disappointing news from the Office of National Statistics comes after David Cameron pledged that the Coalition would cut immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands.
Downing Street said the Prime Minister was still committed to his promise.

Asked whether he thought it could be done, the Mr Cameron's official spokesman said: 'Yes, he does, but clearly that process is going to take some time.'

The Government was 'taking action across the board', he said, adding: 'We will continue with that work.'

He and Home Secretary Theresa May vowed to turn things around after Labour left a legacy of soaring immigration.

UK Migration 2001-2011

But the latest figures show immigration remained steady at 591,000 last year, while emigration dropped to 339,000 - its lowest level in a decade.
The troubled economy is making it harder for British families to move abroad, but is apparently not deterring people from moving here.
The main reason for immigration into the UK is still for study - which rose from 211,000 in 2009 to 238,000 last year.
Provisional figures for the 12 months to March 2011 show a mere 174,000 left because of work - the lowest figure for five years.

Answering questions on the migration statistics following a speech on race relations in south London, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said people wanted 'an immigration system that is tough on abuses - and particularly tough on illegal immigration - but also fair for people who want to make a contribution to this country'.

Reasons for immigration to UK

Reasons for emigration from UK

He added: 'When you look at net figures - and I haven't looked at them in depth yet - you need to work out how many people are leaving as well as how many are coming in and settling.

'We are doing a number of things. We are closing a lot of loopholes which have been abused in the past, installing much better checks on our borders so we know who is coming in and who's going out.

'This is not a problem that you solve overnight. I think people are quite rightly very, very concerned that they can have confidence in the integrity of our immigration system and that's what the coalition Government is determined to demonstrate.'
Immigration Minister Damian Green insisted that the Government remained committed to reducing net migration to the 'tens of thousands' during the course of the current parliament.

He said that after peaking in September last year, the numbers had started to come down.
'These figures show that the Government was right to take swift action to overhaul the immigration system,' he said.
Graph showing migration of EU citizens in and out of the UK
Graph showing migration of non-EU citizens in and out of the UK

'Latest quarterly figures show a decrease in the number of student and work visas issued compared to a year earlier - an early sign that our policies are starting to take effect.

'The latest net migration figures are also encouraging, showing a fall since the recent peak in September 2010, but we are clear there is much more to be done.'

But in August he said the Government would not lower its targets for slashing immigration levels and added: ‘We need a better balanced immigration system and we need lower immigration.’
The chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, Labour MP Keith Vaz, said he was 'very concerned' at reports that civil servants and staff from private company Serco may be drafted in to cover for striking immigration officials at ports and airports next week.

'Conducting thorough border checks requires staff who are experienced and have received extensive training,' said Mr Vaz.

'The decision to draft in inexperienced and untrained staff at crucial border posts six days before the strike is not a rigorous contingency plan and must be met with caution in light of the events of the past two weeks.'

Someone said "why did we vote them in"....Easy mate they conned you. Remember "WE WILL GIVE YOU A VOTE ON THE EU" that just the tip of the broken pledges before he got power. Some of the rest are............. No frontline cuts., Protecting the NHS budget..,3,000 more police officers.,Keeping VAT at 17.5%.,Keeping the Future Jobs Fund.,Keeping the Education Maintenance Allowances.,Keeping Child Benefit universal.,No new nuclear power stations.,No cuts to the Royal Navy.,Automatic prison sentence for carrying a knife.,Cutting rail fares each year., No more top down NHS reorganisations.,No cuts to public spending this year.,Pensioners Fuel Allowance to be safe.,David Cameron is failing to meet his pre-election pledge to set up a UK Border Police Force...And on the last promise here we can see what happens when you don't Police our boarders.

It appears they have a new way of counting immigrants, Britons who have left to go abroad are taken away from the immigrants who come in SO THERE IS REALLY DOUBLE THE IMMIGRANTS HERE THAN STATED.

Dont worry we are paying the EU 50 million pounds per day to sort this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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