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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:35 pm    Post subject: PROFESSIONAL IGNORANCE ABOUT ISLAM Reply with quote

Professional Ignorance
Jan 10 2018 | by Bill Warner

This is a talk given to political leaders. It covers how universities, law enforcement, clergy, politicians and military are not protecting our civilization via their professional ignorance.

Institutions are failing and not doing their due diligence to learn and explain the true nature of political Islam. The problem is not Islam. We are the problem.

The transcript:
Well if any of you all have seen me before you know what Iím going to talk about the same thing I always talk about which is political Islam. I thought I would talk about it this time with what was going on in local politics and in our local school system. For those of you who donít know me youíre looking at one of Americaís most famous. Actually at one time I was in the top 10 of racist or bigot Islamophobia in America. And that ainít easy. But we did it anyway. Now the reason Iím called a racist hater bigot Islamophobia is what I do as I talk about what Muhammad said and did what Allah says in the Koran.
And for these telling these stories is what gets me the benefit of being a racist hater bigot Islamophobia. And Iíll put it to you that if youíre not a racist hater bigot Islamophobia youíre not doing your political job. Well. In local politics. Recently when Ray asked me to talk I said what I want to talk about. So I decided to talk about the first thing that popped up in front of me which was we had another multicultural moment in the schools and education which was TMAG school went to the Twelfth Avenue mosque to receive their dose of moderate Islam.
And what I want to tell you is what happened what didnít happen and why it should happen. All right hereís what did happen. The person who gave the lecture to the children from the school was a former Christian convert to Islam. And she tells me that Muslims honor Jesus they honor that this whole event is about critical thought Abraham as the prophet of the Jews Christians and Islam. They honor all the prophets and that the children in front of her were her brothers and sisters. Mary wore a job Jesus will return and fight the anti christ. Jihad is an inner struggle and that Islam is all about the free will. And conservative politicians are haters. So you didnít know you were being talked about down the cloth have any mosques. So this is what happened. Now what is wrong with this.
I donít mind somebody standing and staying there. But hereís what did not happen. No one stood up and was able to ask her any questions or tell her you call us your brothers and sisters and yet there are 12 verses in the Koran which say that a Kaffir a non muslim is never the friend of a Muslim. How does this work out. So this is the kind of question that should be asked if this were all about critical thinking and critical learning. Now then. They would also if they were trained well enough to ask questions would find out that although a creature called Jesus is in the Koran His name is Isa. And he is not the Jesus of the Gospels. But no one was able to ask this question nor did the students even know to ask this question. Nor did they even know to ask the question if Abraham is the father of your religion how come the Abraham in the Koran is not the same as the Abraham in the Old Testament. Just a small question perhaps. Now then critical thought involves debate.
You made.
You may remember debates I donít know but anyway debate is involved in critical thought and sitting there listening to one side of an argument not the other is not what you call critical thought. Now then.
Letís talk about the jihad.
Thatís the J word.
She told them that jihad was the inner struggle and that all members of all religions have an inner struggle to lose weight to not lose their temperature lose their temper or something else. We all have things and we want to correct in our life and this is the inner struggle but no one was able to ask the question if jihad is the inner struggle how common the Hadith which are the traditions of Muhammad. Only 2 percent of the Hadith involving jihad are about inner struggle. Ninety eight percent of the jihad is traditions are about killing gafferís but no one was there to ask that question. And by the way on the question of free will there is a verse or two in the Koran which states that an individual has free will but. 98 percent roughly is everything is in Allahís hands. So if all is determining what Iím to say next to my sentence whereas my free will.
Now then who is going to Islam succeeds to the method of not telling lies and telling half truths. There is a similarity to Isa in the Koran with Jesus. Itís just that heís not the same person. By the way when Isa returns Jesus is supposed to return. Isa is going to kill the pig and break the cross. And those who do not convert to Islam will be sent straight to hell under his rulership. Heíll get married have children and then die and he prays behind Mohammad. When the imams pray in front of the law. So we donít get the full story. And I donít object to them telling half sorry what I object to is that no one was there to tell them the other half of the story.
Iím not for a suppression of speech Iím just for having the whole speech talked about. Now then. This is part of a civilizational war. And I use this term and that precise definition. This is a war between our civilization has as its ultimate foundation two principles and intellectual principle critical thought.
Or debate and argument. The other principle is an ethical principle of a uniform ethical unitary ethic. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you which others all others. So
that is the corner the ethical cornerstone. And by the way this ethical Cornerstone only lets us have a form of government. Which is quite flexible and adaptable. When the Constitution was written slaves were not able to vote and of slavery was permitted. But what has happened through the application of the golden rule is that blacks were freed from slavery all slavery was prohibited because if you think about it who here wants you can put an ad for a slave on Craigís List. And whoís going to respond to it. Nobody wants to be a slave. So the application of the Golden Rule to our constitution as an ethical principle allows us to adapt and change always on the basis. If I were a woman would I want to vote yes I would. Therefore I think women should have a vote. This is an ethical principle.
Islam teaches a different form of ethics which using the Shriya ethics of dualism. That is a Sharia court Kafir a non Moslem cannot even appear and talk in front of the court is not allowed to bear witness. So if youíre a kafir and you want to appear in court you have to find a Muslim whoís willing to stand in your place. You actually pay him to be your witness and you donít know if heíll testifies youíd like to or not. So our civilisation is based on unitary ethics and critical thought. Islam is based on dualistic ethics were how you treated it depends on who you are and it depends not on critical thought but are authoritative thought in Islamic civilisation. No idea is allowed to contradict what is in the Koran and the Sharia. So therefore this is two different civilizations.
And they cannot coexist. It just doesnít work. If weíre if weíre to find out if knowledge is to be based on the Koran why debate about it. That is thereís no room for critical thought and authoritative thought. There is no room for a golden rule. And in a dualistic form of ethics. So this is a civilizational war thatís being fought and it is a civilizational war because Islam is the most brilliant political power political group youíve ever met. They change headscarves into war. They change food halal food they change prayer whether itís in the street or in a mosque or a school. Everything is adaptable for pushing against the Kaffir. Now then. This should not be a problem.
The problem is not Islam. We are the problem because who is not there for instance when the there are the major carriers of our civilization our government law enforcement military churches and schools all of these are failing all of them are failing. Theyíre not doing their job. Many of these children who went to the Maggs mosque.
Have a church they go to and they were not explain to them the true nature of Islam. Because inside the churches thereís been a decision we just donít talk about that. It upsets people so as a result the church does not prepare children for what they experience. There was Dawa the AWB no church teaches the principles of Dawa to its congregation. So therefore children are secretly joining Islam even in the schools because they were not prepared for what they were being told. These children should have been able to stand up and ask questions if they had gone to a church. Thatís just what I think. But they are not told to do that at church. Now letís talk about. And I call the pastors and most churches being professionally ignorant. Theyíre not just amateur and ignorant. You can read Yahoo News and learn more about Islam. The average pastor will tell you that he knows. Now then.
Hereís a story from what happened in Tennessee advised one university to reflect what the churches are doing or not doing. Remember this was an event by the Muslim Student Association and they brought in an FBI counterterrorism expert.
Weíll deal more of that in a moment. They
also stood and sat in front of the audience. The head of the NSA Muslim Student Association said We have one in Tennessee. All the churches including the fundamentalist churches now accept Islam as a form of religion. So the Muslims are telling their own weíve defeated the church in Middle Tennessee. Now in.
This kind of terrorism expert letís talk about why law enforcement is doing or not doing. We explain a little bit about how the counterterrorism aspect of law enforcement was done in the FBI after 9/11 George Bush said to the FBI. We know 110 percent of the FBI agents to be put in the new counter-terrorism unit. Now. Letís say that youíre an agent in charge in China. You have agents working on the FBI agents are difficult to fire and get rid of because of Civil Service protected but now then you have a way to get rid of the bottom 10 percent of all your law enforcement agencies and the FBI. So this is the cold hard truth of what happens to the counterterrorism because it seems sensical. Of course it does. Now then at the same time I say that there was someone who stood up and asked this counterterrorism expert says Have you ever read the hadith. No didnít know what it was. Have you read the Koran. Well Iíve had an e-mail from explained some verses to me.
So this is what we have in this one no Muslim Student Association meeting is we have an FBI agent said I donít. But Iím an expert and we have the Muslims bragging about the fact that they have defeated the churches in Middle Tennessee. And you know what. I donít think theyíre bragging.
Hereís another thing about the churches. I. Bobbie portray taught me how to do lobbying the legislature not to tag along behind her for a while. When she moved to the wake swinish told me I do lobbying and so I tried. I says you know what I want a resolution to come out of the Tennessee legislature condemning the persecution of Christians in Islamic countries. So I went to a legislator who is favorable to the cause gave her my idea and she wrote it up for me. She says this is great this will be easy to pass. Well there was one thing that was not easy to pass and that was Turkey who was mentioned as a persecutor of a Christian. There was a big pushback from the legislators about naming turkey. You see the Turkish Chamber of Commerce has a heavy influence on the legislature.
Now then hereís what I did not do. I did not go under the direction of pastors or anything and say Can you help push on the legislators so that we can include Turkey because they kill the Armenian Christians. I didnít even bother thinking about that. Why. Because itís useless to do.
So therefore I just said take Turkey out. So this is an example of whatís going on because the churches are not properly trained and by the way there is a story about the legislature model books which I sell in the back of the room or a little because of being down to the legislature. We were trying to pass a bill that was about Sharia law. And I realize in listening to the senators that they had too much to read. So when I got through the thing I went home to call our printer says how many pages are in one eighth of one inch 62 pages.
So I wrote a 62 page reload book Iíve sold tens of thousands of them. So when you get down to the legislature you can learn a lot that can be very useful to you. And as a consequence it took all my big books and made little books out of them as well. Now Iíve said them 10 and 20 to 1. So it was not a total loss for me. But do you understand what Iím telling you that I wouldnít even try to go out and raise that pastorís trouble about a resolution talking about condemning persecuting Christians. What do you think about doing that.
Why bother. They donít want to get involved. The Muslims want to get involved. Oh yes they do. Big time. Now
then. This was a school event. Whatís the schoolís actually be teaching. Youíre going to be surprised when I tell you I think the schools should teach Koran zero hadith and Sharia. Straight up. You donít need to. You donít even need to comment about it. When you read sir for 24 and it says that a Muslim can beat his wife. You know you really donít do a lot of explanation of that and I think that every child should know that that is possible to do. So I am not for suppression of speech. I am for all out speech including letís read the Koran and see whatís in it. You can read for yourself the 12 verses say that a Muslim is never your true friend. Weíre read to comment about that. Just teach the actual facts.
60 million Christians have died and yet when you go to a church school you wonít learn anything about it. And by the way itís true to my knowledge of all church schools. Speaking of schools I did a little research project for a senator and my research project was to find out how Islam was being teach the teacher. I can do better. That was being taught. In our school system. I was surprised at the insolence and arrogance. Of the universities in dealing with the senator. There were like What do you want this catalogue for. Whoís doing this. Why should we give you one. Who is this.
This was the senator. So a gentleman who was here earlier I donít see him now.
When he talks about the fact that UT is not under the control of the legislature. It is not. To my knowledge no one is controlling our state universities. Think about that. And I think that is our own problem as well.
I talked to a Vanderbilt professor who teaches Sharia law. She doesnít know Hadith from haggis. But she does. She said. She was simply a law professor and the head of the department said youíre going to be teaching Sharia law. I said Well thatís interesting. So you teach Sharia law and you donít teach Koran. You donít teach Siri donít teach hadith. Now. I said What do you teach about jihad. She says no we donít teach you about that. Is. What we teach about womenís rights. We donít teach about that. What do you teach. She says Wills and business law. So this is from Vanderbilt University. This is what being taught there. What I would like to see is that the state schools would teach the Koran and Hadith of private schools will do it.
Then as we have here Jackie can tell you more about this than I can the textbooks in Tennessee now do not reflect our civilization but they reflect the civilization of Islam. Jackie.
Who did this. We did it to ourselves in the sense that when you look notice something about Islam how brilliant it is that Muslims donít do the actual work. We do the work for them. The textbook company was owned by cappers. This money went to cavernís everyone Kaffir is a non Muslims. And yet here they are hiring any mom to vet everything that they do. So Islam is not the problem. We are the problem. I just keep coming back to that. Weíre getting the short end of a stick because we even grab the stick.
I want to say something about homes schools and private schools that are bad idea for the civilization. There are a good idea for your family. But there are a bad idea for the civilization because those who are powerful enough and wealthy enough to put their children in their own school then just sort of say bye bye to the school system. So as a result those who could be politically powerful in influence the school system are saying nope weíre taking our children out of it. Now this is the best decision for your family. But itís a bad decision for the civilization because itís a fortress kind of concept instead of controlling all the territory.
We just put up a wall and say we controlled whatís in this wall that wall will get smaller and smaller and smaller. Now then. Tell us something about the media that affects me. Right now. Iím a presence on the Well my idea of doing my business and by the way if Iím going to deal with Islam I have to have a source of money. Iím not paid with taxes. If Iím going to get money it comes from this. So what I did was I started myself a business on books. The idea was is that the Web would be a place in which I would try to get the newsletters out of videos. It was a level playing field and I could succeed. And I did. I created a quite profitable tax book company you a textbook company although I do view them as textbooks. Not so much anymore. You know why. We you whatís happening on the web. I invented the term political Islam.
And if you put it in google the actual search engine Google that used to be six months ago that I own the top three screens outdid all.
It was all my turf. Not so much anymore. Two thirds of those are gone. He hung on paranoid. Well of course Iím paranoid but thereís another issue which is Google has stated as a matter of corporate policy that they will suppress those who criticize Islam and elevate those who praise Islam. So therefore a corporate policy is the playing field is not level anymore. I used to get about a thousand new members of Twitter every month. Now 300. I post on Facebook. Now then I get a peculiar kind of phone call an e-mail from people Bill how come you are putting out a new video every two weeks. Oh I am. Oh well Iím a follower of yours on YouTube and Facebook and I donít get notified. So what theyíre doing is not banning me theyíre just cutting off the oxygen. Facebook Twitter Google. All of them. Have. It and itís not just me in particular.
Itís anybody whoís on the southern poverty law centers handbook of hatred bigot Islamophobia press the Southern Poverty Law Center has a different concept now. The first concept was will shame these people put them on a list. And so it used to be when I was on the Southern Poverty Law Center was like finding my name on a truckstop say for a good time call Bill. Yeah yeah but now then the Southern Poverty Law Center has a new idea thatís driving these bigots out of business. And so theyíve gone to the Silicon Valley Megatron Mega Man mega manias and theyíve said letís put these guys out of business. So Iím not the only one whoís getting bad calls on the web. So as a result and I have to look at another way of selling my books. Letís talk about the military.
Juman not mention the dirty word of the military now with the military supposed to defend us right. The dirty word McMaster.
Our military does not study the history of jihad. West Point and Annapolis do not teach the history of jihad. They donít teach the major Jihad riders. They should because youíll find some interesting things to learn a general in the military and that includes the Islamic State sees all combat as virtually civilizational war and a religious war and that the critical thing is to destroy the enemyís faith. Letís go back to what I was saying about the churches.
That the churches have committed suicide on their own faith. Theyíre lukewarm than either hot or cold. And in Islam that is the first place to try to take down a civilization is in its religion.
But military doesnít study this. The military studies kinetic war bullets and bombs. Are not against bullets and bombs but there are other forms of fighting wars. And if all your military is capable of doing itís fighting with bullets and bombs theyíre going to lose because the enemy is going to defeat him with another method. General Stanley McChrystal who is there for a while under Obama was his top man for Afghanistan wrote up an entire paper on how to defeat Islam how to win in Afghanistan. I think it was a title that was heavily redacted for tactical purposes. That is personal names were taken out. There were three words that did not occur in this document. Those three words are Islam jihad and Muslim. They are going to defeat an enemy in the longest lasting war weíve had. And youíre never going to mention those three words.
This is not to demean McMaster. Iím not a master. Stanley McChrystal he probably has never been told about this himself or if he knows about it he knows he canít talk about it. So the military is not doing a good job either. As a matter of fact. The only people who are doing a good job in resisting Islam are rooms filled to people like yourself. Oh.
Another personal thing by the way is an attribute to who I am. Thereís been recently some talk about one of the things that the FBI used to do is they used to train people. People like myself and Spencer would write position papers white papers for the FBI.
Then under was it Bush or Obama. They were pretty much the same on this issue. I forget who it was. No no. I mean I hate to break that to you about the first man who was fired from being in the military knowing what Islam was with Steve Kathlyn. And he was fired under Bush. So anyway I think that law enforcement you know what Islam is I think the military should know what Islam is. I think the churches should know what Islam is. I think the average citizens you know what Islam is. And if you do all of these things youíll be like me youíll become a racist hater bigot.
Now by the way I laugh at the concept that this is a very effective weapon. It keeps most people shot up. The average pastor does not want to be seen in print that he is an Islamophobic although he canít. No one can define that term for me. Can you. What is an Islamophobic. Youíre afraid of wife beating and jihad. Torturous death. Me too. Now then. I want to say a couple things about myself because I canít win this war. Iíll go into small groups I go to Europe and I give talks like this Some better some worse. I canít do this. I mean who else is beating the bushes on Islam here in Tennessee. Well thereís Kathy Henares. And we might and you in jail. Maybe a half a dozen people but we cannot possibly win this war because you see weíre just irritants.
So we have to have a way of bringing in groups and thatís the reason Iím saying that in particular the church should become our most powerful weapon. A winning feels good. I recommend it. But the idea of becoming a racist hater bigot will suppress most peopleís opinions that just shut up because they donít want to be called that. Now let me give you a little good news because everything I told you here is bad news. The reason I tell you nothing but bad news is I do not know any good news about Islam in America. I mean I had some hope when. Trump won but heís turned out to be not so good on the subject other than putting off another occasional irritating tweet. But he chose McMaster to be charge of basically what is it intelligence. What is MacMasters actual right. National security adviser. When your national security adviser thinks thereís good Muslims and bad Muslims and the Islamic State are not really Muslims youíre not going to go anywhere.
The good news is this an organization in Europe and there are several attributes it has which this group does not. Itís called Center for the Study of Political Islam international and itís centered in Czech Republic Slovakia Poland Hungary and Austria and Germany. Now
when I talk to them the room looks very different. Theyíre all under the age of 35.
All of them. Iím the oldest man in the room. I usually Iím the oldest man in the room anyway. But in this case Iím by far the oldest man in the room. And so I was curious why is it that in Central Europe they oppose this law. Why is it that OrbŠn whoís the head of Hungary will say we do not want any migrants. We donít need them. How come they tell the truth. In Central Europe. We see Central Europe remember something called the Soviet Union. They were under the boot heel of Soviet Union. And the group and Bruno check. One man told me the story of how his father could not go to college because he was a merchant under the Soviets. Another man told me how his uncle was killed by the KGB as they said we know tyranny.
We have seen tyranny. We remember tyranny. And Islam is tyranny with a god. So there is hope. Whatís happening is is there translating my books into for my books like Sharia law for non Muslim who translated into 20 languages now. Being translated and also we have influence there with political parties. Not fringe elements like this meeting at a fairground meeting in Legislative Plaza. I gave a talk to the F.D. which is now the third ranking party in Germany executive committee and the title of the talk was using proper language. TOI gave them a talk on how to not how to talk not about Muslims but about Islam political Islam. Not religious Islam. How to talk about the principles of Islam and its political principles. When the talk was over. One of the members came up and said to me I can now see after your talk we will never defeat Islam using our methods and that the only method will work are yours.
Now this isnít a personal attaboy itís just that I was the first person ever to talk to him and knew anything about Islam and using proper words. So there are freedom parties now which are rising in Europe France Germany Austria Poland Czech Republic Slovakia and Romania. So what Iím saying is in Europe itís different because theyíre the threat is.
It is in your face. It is interesting to walk see a bunch of women pushing strollers with a black bag on. Itís demoralizing.
And now then Austria has made it illegal to wear the niqab. So we find that where people are closer to the edge work is being done.
So I think what is happening in America is right. They are not here yet. OK. Iíll tend to that later. Iím going on a diet after Christmas and it starts Iím gonna stop smoking in the fall. So dealing with Islam has this quality to it.
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