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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:59 am    Post subject: THE REAL REASON CANNABIS WAS PROHIBITED, Reply with quote

From The Real Reason, Cannabis was Prohibited.
So absurd has the government’s position on cannabis become that more and more people suspect that the prohibition of cannabis has never been about the dangers of its chemical compounds but on the tremendous potential of its industrial production.
Hemp (Cannabis) can be made into cloth, paper, oil, medicine, food, fuel, rope, wood…to name a few.
It grows with no herbicides, pesticides and uses little water and grows faster than almost all other crops
It can grow up to 25 tons of usable plant matter per acre.
Its use dates back to 4000 BC and even the first Bible printed was written on cannabis paper. All the ships sails and ropes that brought people to the New World were made of cannabis.
The range of fabrics that can be produced by cannabis is unlimited. It is stronger and softer than cotton and unlike cotton, fabrics from cannabis cause no pollution. Original Levi jeans were produced from recycled cannabis sailcloth.
Automobile fuel from cannabis is clean, unlike gas that releases dangerous carbon pollution.
Henry Ford made a car in 1941 completely made from Cannabis
More than 5000 items can be produced with Cannabis and yet it is still illegal to this day
Prohibition of Cannabis began in the 1930’s in the wake of the industrial revolution which wanted to change and harness Cannabis to integrate it into industrial production, based on Cannabis but the harvesting of Cannabis was not cost effective for this purpose and so the cost made it less competitive. But the invention of the new machine called the decorticator removed the last roadblock for Cannabis becoming a billion dollar crop. The decorticator made harvesting easy and cost-effective. Popular Mechanics published an article that named Cannabis the new Billion Dollar Crop and predicted there would soon be Cannabis farms around the world.
But not everyone was happy about this revolution of Cannabis and its future.

William Randolph Hearst a tabloid publisher (Enquirer) had bought millions of acres of timber forests which he intended to cut down and use for publishing of his tabloids. With Cannabis hemp paper now far less costly than paper from trees, Hearst’s empire was doomed to collapse in a short period of time.

Another industrial giant that was directly threatened by Cannabis hemp was Lammot Dupont the owner of the petrochemical company that had just bought patents to create dozens of synthetic products based on petroleum oil. Nylon, Orlon, Dacron, Cellophane, All that would have been easily displaced by the earth-friendly products that could have been made by Cannabis Hemp.

Not only did Hearst and Dupont have in common the likely loss of their industries to Hemp, they had something else in common, they were both funded by one of the most powerful bankers of the time, Andrew Mellon. Mellon was also the owner of Gulf oil, one of the seven sisters of petroleum, Esso, Shell, BP, Mobil, Chevron, Gulf, and Texaco. Oil companies were expanding at great speed and were likely to see their investments vanish by the mass production of Cannabis, which offered a much cleaner and economical fuel.

Another player was the new pharmaceutical industry funded by John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnage that wanted to use synthetic drugs and do away with natural medicines from nature such as Cannabis.
Rockefeller was also the owner of Standard oil, which had already started to invade and pollute America with its refinery’s.
So was born an alliance between the synthetic textile industry, the oil industry, plastics industry, and pharmaceutical industry. They all needed to get rid of the common enemy Cannabis.
Luckily for all at that time Andrew Mellon was also the Secretary of the Treasury and from that powerful position he appointed his soon to be son-in-law Harry Anslinger to be the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. Anslinger had been an agent in the Alcohol Prohibition and with that over, the crumbling bloated bureaucracy needed a new focus, eradicating Cannabis and by doing so, saving all the industries of Hearst, Mellon, Rockefeller, Carnage, and others.
They could not openly attack Cannabis which was loved and respected by the vast majority and so Hearst had the brilliant idea to use the Mexican nickname Marihuana which was totally unknown to Americans, and in doing so, managed to divert the suspicion of the true objectives of the operation and by pinning the use of Marihuana on black and Mexicans, was able to bring racism into the mix that was already sweeping the country at the time. Using Hearst’s rag magazines, they were able to get the message out of the satanic use of Marihuana by 'Negros', Hispanic and other groups and feed the fears of Americans. Stating the Marihuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with 'Negros'. The backlash was immediate and a new monster was born, Marihuana. A drug that would cause people to be depraved, sin, murder. Hearst flooded every publication he owned from rag magazines to Cosmo, to books and comics with the propaganda. Now that puritan America had been provided with its enemy by the orchestration of these powerful men, Anslinger ramped up the fear propaganda against the ‘loco weed’ or 'reefer' and stated the teenaged youth of America were at risk. That Marihuana will cause dependence in weeks, physical and moral ruin, insanity, murder, and death. At the end of the devastating media campaign, a bill was introduced to Congress to prohibit the cultivation of Cannabis, even though the psychoactive compounds are found only in the flower and leaves, Anslinger was able to have the entire Cannabis family of plants and all cultivation outlawed. Most of the Senators and Congressman voting on the bill didn’t even know they were outlawing Cannabis, a valued medicine, and crop for generations. By using the term Marihuana, the Senators and the medical community was duped. Without public debate and without any scientific proof, the war on Cannabis had begun. There were dozens of glamourous arrests which Hearst immediately made know through his media empire. People were rounded up and arrested for having Cannabis plants.
Not everyone was bullshitted though. Mayor of NY LaGuardia commissioned a study to find out the truth and 31 independent scientists worked for over five years completing the first known scientific study on the use of Marihuana and it was published in 1944. It found that Marihuana does not cause aggression, murder, insanity, depravity. Furious, Anslinger went immediately to the press and tried to discredit the findings and unleashed his agents all over the country with the task of destroying every known copy of the report.
Still not happy with the result of his lies, Anslinger continued on, associating the casual smoker of marihuana with the hard drugs of heroin and cocaine. Based on this myth the marihuana user was now on a level with drug users and subjected to many years in prison. In some states, the second conviction for marijuana is a life prison sentence. Today the private prison system and prison guard lobbyists work hard to continue to keep cannabis illegal. Having many hundreds of thousands of marijuana users in jail keeps their bloated budgets coming. Marijuana also keeps the bloated DEA and FDA budgets intact. The synthetic pharmacy industry is killing us and denying us a plant that could help so many. The gas industry, cotton and logging industry also wants to see Cannabis remain illegal so they can continue to destroy the planet for their own monetary interests.
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