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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:59 am    Post subject: THE MIGRANT CRIME WAVE EU COVER UP Reply with quote

New book reveals the EU cover-up of the migrant crime wave
By LAURA CAT 13 August 2018

The Migrant Crime Wave is a book written by Janice Atkinson, MEP and VP of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group.

Conservative Brexiteer. In her exposé, Janice exposes what has been sold to us as a ‘multicultural utopia’, as the ‘migrant ghettos with high levels of crime and sexual assaults’ that it really is.

Ms. Atkinson and her staff have compiled hard to obtain official EU statistics in this hard hitting look at the migration fraud. As a MEP, Janice has the unique position and privileged access to information normally remaining unattainable.

We have arrived at the level in Europe where women are being told to stay on one side of the road for their own safety

Crime statistics are changing to reflect a new Europe. With violent crimes on the increase and the number of prisoners having a migrant background having risen sharply, the numbers deserve the attention Janice gives in her book.

Violent crimes, human trafficking, sexual assaults and rapes, drugs trafficking, all increased significantly in virtually all countries with migration.

As you read the book of carefully and thoughtfully constructed statistics, you will see just how much has been carefully hidden from us by politicians and the media, who refuse to report honestly on the crimes and who is committing them.

You’ll want to point others to read The Migrant Crime Wave to refute what has been continually told to us about mass migration.

Left liberal politicians still pretend that mass migration leads to some kind of utopia in which migrants from various backgrounds, characterised by opposing cultural values (…) will enrich those host societies.

As a conservative news source, Voice of Europe reports on populist politicians, such as Ms. Atkinson, as well as other such as Geert Wilders, Matteo Salvini, Viktor Orban, in what can only be described as a battle for our freedoms and sovereignty.

As the established governments have allowed Third-World migrants to attempt to dismantle and destroy our once thriving and proud countries, this growing force of patriots across Europe are standing together, shoulder to shoulder to find the truth and expose it.

Janice’s book, The Migrant Crime Wave, does just that

The statistics:
2017: 258 million international migrants (UN, IOM)
78 million of these arrived in the EU (UN, IOM)
54% Austrian prison population was foreign (up from 18% in 2016)
1000 ‘jihadi’ brides heading back to EU from Syria and Iraq (Frontex)
50,000 number estimated jihadis slipping through EU via migration ‘crisis’ (UN)
5,000 returned jihadis living back in EU having travelled to Syria/Iraq
30,000 on UK terror watch list
90% of religiously inspired terror attackers were known to EU police
7670 on no entry lists currently identified by Turkey
Sweden is the rape capital of the Western world
88% of migrants interviewed admit to being ‘facilitated’ (smuggled)BACKGROUND
For the first time, this book sets out to unveil the EU’s shameful betrayal of its citizens on mass
migration and the crime wave unleashed across our continent as a result of that human influx.
The betrayal on migration is well documented since the EU has made no secret of its open doors
policy. What is not known, because it has been suppressed by an EU elite fearful of the voters’
backlash of its revelation, is the true extent of the crime wave caused by unchecked migration.
In failing to collate or delaying the publication of explosive data which exposes the true cost of
crime, the EU and its liberal elites have misled European citizens, keeping secret the real truth of
the cost of uncontrolled migration.
The first duty of government is to keep us safe. For decades the Brussels elites have been allowed
to impose their globalist mass migration policies on our great continent. By throwing open
the continent’s borders to poor migrants with no Christian or European heritage, they have
unleashed terror, high unemployment and a crime wave, including rape and sexual crime against
our women and girls.It costs money to deport migrants, so we don’t bother – France’s return rate has dropped to
13.49%, Italy, 17.6%, Netherlands 34.0%, whereas the figure for the EU-28 is 45.8%
Countries of origin of Top Ten illegals in November 2017: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Albania,
Morocco, Pakistan, Eritrea, Algeria, India and Nigeria. In February 2018, the ten most common
country of origin of applicants for asylum in Europe: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan,
Georgia, Albania, Iran, Bangladesh and Venezuela.1
The statistics the EU and its liberal left governments don’t want you to see.
Most rape statistics are being covered up. Currently, there is no updated EU wide survey on
sexual harassment because the European Agency for Fundamental Rights published their last
statistics in 2014, relating to 2012 figures.
A primary school in Berlin hires guards for its children and staff.
Read and weep or take back control by voting out those politicians who have betrayed our
countries, our safety and our culture.

In 2014 when I arrived in Brussels as a newly elected Member of the European Parliament I
knew the place was rotten and was inhabited by Communists and the alt-left. I knew that most
’conservatives’ were fake conservatives and I was aware of the battles that lay ahead during my
tenure – EU migration, campaigning for Brexit (that term was not known back then) and trying
to stop the tsunami of bad legislation from the EU. But despite arguing against mass migration,
the EU’s open borders and highlighting the huge numbers of new EU accession states’ peoples
joining our economies, none of us was prepared for the non-EU migrant crisis that engulfed our
countries from 2014 onwards.
I joined the EU’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) committee, which covers migration,
home affairs and security. Those among us who challenged the prevailing view that we should
be cautious over migration or questioned why we should open our borders were shut down as
racists, xenophobes and nationalists. The same happened in Parliamentary debates.
I travelled to Calais many times, the only UK and EU politician to have visited so regularly. I visited
the Greek migrant camps and was shocked by the attitude of the socialists on the trip. Even the
NGOs said their cavalier attitude to ’Migrants welcome, borders open soon’, would see riots in the
camps on a scale never seen before.
Accounts of my visits can be found on my website:

This book does not go into detail about Radical Islam, the failure of migrants to integrate, the
failure of multiculturalism, the no-go areas of our great cities and those well-worn arguments
covered in books such as Raheem Kassem’s No Go Zones, or the Strange Death of Europe by
Douglas Murray, but it does expose the damning statistics which ineluctably prove the link
between mass migration, soaring crime and terror statistics. These are the figures the EU is
terrified to let you to know.
From the time that we entered into Tony Blair’s illegal war in Iraq and the subsequent ‘liberation’
of the Arab springs in Egypt and Libya by the West, we in Europe have experienced terrorism and
migration on a scale that is consuming our law enforcement, our prisons and fostering hate and
resentment in our societies. We cannot change history but we could have halted the effects of
dismantling Iraq, Libya and Egypt. And we still can.
European governments, and the EU, the worst offender, worked with the UN’s International
Organisation for Migration (IOM), which is highly political and influential, based in its safe space
Geneva and is funded to the tune of $1.8m.
To the IOM migration is:
•• Inevitable
•• Desirable
•• Necessary
“Ongoing recession and uneven recovery in a number of European destination countries has
contributed to a worsening of the public perception of migrants and asylum-seekers, which,
together with the rise of xenophobic rhetoric and initiatives, has degraded public discourse and
exacerbated the economic and social marginalization of some migrants.”
But no mention of the effects of their mass migration policies - crime, sexual assaults, rape and
Terrorism alone should have made governments and the EU think about where the new wave of
terror and crime was coming from.
Member of the European Parliament, Belgium, Vlaams Belang, Vice President of the ENF
My party, Vlaams Belang, has always opposed taboos relating to immigration, the presence of
foreigners on Flemish soil and its impact on society. Speaking about this connection – about the
relationship between immigration and crime for instance – is still considered politically incorrect.
For decades, in Belgium, and probably in all of Western Europe, there has been a scientific ban on
speaking publicly about the relationship between crime and ethnicity. There is no or very little
exact data available on crime committed by perpetrators of foreign origin. Crime statistics do not
mention the population group that the perpetrators belong to. For estimates we have to rely on
limited scientific research.
What’s more, people who in the past engaged in such research were attacked by progressive
politicians and discredited by fellow scientists, as was demonstrated by the smear campaign
against (Dutch) criminologist Marion Van San who, around the turn of the century, conducted a
study on delinquency among youth of foreign origin, which had been commissioned by the then
Belgian Minister of Justice.
Very little, if anything, has changed since then. Even the terminology is manipulated: Lately the
media in my country has been referring to illegal migrants as “transmigrants” – as if it were a
harmless phenomenon whereby people almost accidentally and only briefly pass through the
country. The message is to turn a blind eye and to hope the phenomenon will disappear.
In order to pave the way for a broad public (and at the same time scientific) debate, as early as
2005 I myself published a study titled ‘Het Dwaze Taboe’ [The Foolish Taboo], a meta-analysis of
international and national studies about crime and ethnicity - because no one else was doing it
and because it was necessary. In fact, the conclusions from that study still hold true today.
Obviously, fighting crime committed by aliens should be part of an overall security policy which
only can be a policy designed to crack down on all crime. In addition, a number of specific
measures relating to illegal-alien crime are necessary.
First and foremost, and merely to be able to restore order, it is important to put an end to wild
migration flows. The floodgates of asylum seekers must be closed. Asylum status is still being misused on a massive scale. It should be granted only to genuine political refugees and not to
fortune seekers. Furthermore, family reunification, often imports of backwardness, should be
strictly limited. In short, those who are here should assimilate.
Illegal aliens should be tracked down. People who can remain here undisturbed for too long will
eventually hope for regularisation and settle in our social welfare state. In the meantime, their
illegal status is a potential source of crime. A recent study found that the informal economy in
some neighbourhoods of my hometown Antwerp is larger than the official economy. The local
drug trade is controlled by specific ethnic groups.
Criminal foreigners should be expelled and, where appropriate, be stripped of their (second)
citizenship. In addition, a comprehensive and clearly defined (strict) criminal policy should be
very clear about the final destination of criminal aliens: a prison cell in their country of origin.
Although the Belgian Government – which is perceived as a ‘right-wing’ government after the
socialists, who had been in power for decades, were thanked for services rendered – says it is
trying its best to expel imprisoned criminal aliens from the country, in reality the opposite is
true. Even in the case of the 72 countries – including Morocco and Turkey – with which takeback
agreements have been concluded, there is anything but a firm takeback policy.
In 2016, in total, only 1 out of 70 criminal aliens were effectively deported. A striking example of
the effects of the lack of a strict return policy is that of Moroccan detainees. Of the 1,095 Moroccan
prisoners with legal resident status who were in a Belgian prison in 2016, a grand total of 0 (zero)
were deported – despite there being a bilateral agreement with Morocco which regulates the
takeback. Clearly, the Belgian Government lacks decisiveness to turn its tough words into deeds.
For the sake of completeness, as of mid-2017, the total number of criminal aliens stood at 4,589,
out of a total of 10,300 prisoners, not counting ‘new Belgians’ (aliens holding a Belgian ID card).
This means that 44.5 percent of the prison population do not hold Belgian citizenship – these
figures are confirmed in the extensive study by Ágnes Kada.
The study confirms that today, in 2018, we must continue to play our role as a taboo-breaking
and immigration-critical party.
Member of the European Parliament, France, Rassemblement National
There’s none so deaf as those who will not hear, there’s none so blind as those who will not see.
Yet, statistics are clear, at least when there are permitted: in France, statistics based on ethnicity
are prohibited. But it is now admitted that French jails are overcrowded with immigrants: I am not
talking about descendants of immigrants who have French citizenship, but real foreigners, aliens
coming from the whole world.
In France, we used to be able to expel the legal immigrants who had committed a crime on
our soil. Because of the “Sarkozy law” of 2003 and, moreover, because of the European Court of
Human Rights, it is almost impossible to send back the illegal immigrants to their countries who
commit crimes on our soil… after the first crime of crossing our border illegally. So they stay in
France, at the expense of French taxpayers’.
In January, I visited the penitentiary centre of Fresnes, which is the second largest prison in France,
located in the South of Paris. Its director told me that 38% of his inmates are strangers… and,
dear Janice, they do not come from Great Britain. When a crime is committed, the journalists
usually try to hide the names of the criminals when they too overtly indicate an extra-European
origin. Moreover, the wishful thinking of journalists who do not want to acknowledge anti-white
racism: is apparent even when it is clear that the crime had no other reason, and even when the
criminal at the trial makes anti-white or anti-France statements, quoting sometimes some anti-
French rapper. Journalists and judges usually agree on these kinds of cases and prefer speaking
about “mental disorder” or find some mitigating circumstances or even some excuses: this crime
was committed as revenge after centuries of colonialism, slavery, or that the crime was due to a
difficult childhood because of racism in the French society, etc.
In 2012 a book was published that clearly established the link between mass immigration and
massive insecurity: “Clockwork Orange” France. It became quickly a bestseller. The book shows
how France is becoming a “savage” nation, with no-gone zones with crime rates dramatically
increasing year after year. Hence the title which refers to Kubrick’s famous movie.

Indeed, uncontrolled immigration brought to us foreign conflicts and we face now riots between
communities, such as the Turks against the Kurds. Barbaric traditions have also been imported to
our land such as the so-called “honour killings”. Speaking of barbarism, all the terrorist attacks that
we have had these last years in France have been perpetrated by immigrants or French citizens
“of immigrant background”.
After decades of mass immigration, we had a first wave of Islamist attacks in 1995, in the name
of the Algerian GIA. A second wave started in 2015, in the name of the Islamic State of Iraq and
Syria: a satirical weekly newspaper, a football stadium, a concert hall, a touristic promenade on
the French Riviera, several catholic churches were among the numerous and various targets. The
death toll was terrible.
This second wave of terror was marked by the attacks committed in March 2012, in Toulouse and
Montauban by Mohammed Merah, who killed plainclothes soldiers off duty, and children in a
Jewish school.
Merah was one of the numerous Islamist “lone wolves” that we had on our soil: described at first
by the media as a blond and blue-eyed far-right activist, he happened to be a “charming” thug of
Algerian origin who converted to radical Islam.
Merah made us realise that the line between criminality and Islamist terrorism is actually very thin.
This was the case with another lone wolf: Ahmed Hanachi, an illegal immigrant from Tunisia, who
had been arrested several times in France and Italy for various offences like shoplifting and drug
abuse. On the 1st of October 2017, at Marseille’s main train station, he savagely murdered two
passing-by young girls: he gutted one and cut the other’s throat.
Same modus operandi on 26 July 2016 against an 85-year-old priest, after Adel Kermiche and
Abdel Malik Boukezzoula, burst into a 16th-century catholic church in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray.
This happened 1,520 years after the baptism of Clovis that made France the Church's eldest
Between these first and second waves of terrorist attacks, we had the 2005 “émeutes de
banlieues”, a series of riots that occurred in the suburbs of Paris and other French cities in October and November 2005.

These suburbs that eventually became no-go zones, whose control is actually shared between
drug traffickers and salafist imams, riots breaking out that have a lot of similarities with the so
called “racial riots” that take place in the United States. The death of two teenagers who tried
to hide from the police in a power substation, Zyed Benna and Bouna Traoré, unleashed weeks
of ultra-violence with approximately 9,000 vehicles being burned. Schools and other public
buildings were also attacked.
Jean-Claude Irvoas, 56, was beaten to death by rioters on 27 October after being robbed while
he was taking idiot of a street-lamp for his work in Epinay-sur-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis.
On 4 November, Jean-Jacques Le Chenadec, 61, was knocked unconscious by Salaheddine Alloul,
22, and died a few days later. The victim was trying to extinguish a trash bin fire near his home at
Stains, Seine-Saint-Denis.
Apart from terrorism, apart from these riots, there is the so-called “small delinquency”, the daily
“incivilities” which have exponentially increased over the past three/four decades, in proportion
to immigration. Indeed, how many appalling “faits divers” happen to have been committed by
immigrants? How many gruesome stories of gang rapes? How many Frenchmen have been
stabbed or beaten up for a cigarette or a simple gaze? How many old women have been cowardly
attacked and beaten up? Without the traditional respect for at least to the women, the children
and the elderly people.
40 years before “Clockwork Orange” France, Jean Raspail published another bestseller: The Camp
of the Saints. You had the prophecies of Enoch Powell, we had the ones of Jean Raspail. His
nightmarish – apocalyptical – fiction is unfortunately becoming true and our civilisation is now
on the brink of self-destruction. Uncontrolled immigration, particularly from countries that do not
share the same cultural base and values, has created in our countries a terrible mess. And now,
as the Marseillaise says: “Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras / Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes !”
(They're coming right into your arms / To cut the throats of your sons, your women!).
Fortunately, Western countries are now awakening, in Europe, but also on the other side of the
Atlantic. In 2016, Donald Trump campaigned on mass immigration. In 2017, President Trump
created the Victims of Immigrat
ion Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office “to acknowledge and
serve the needs of crime victims and their families who have been affected by crimes committed
by individuals with a nexus to immigration”. And the President of the United States of America drastically curtailed immigration, as he promised when he ran the presidential election. Even in
the USA, it is the time for change!
Thank you, dear Janice, for contributing to this much needed change with your study … before
it is too late.
How European mass migration is related to increased crime rates?
German police deliberately downplay the true scale of the migrant crime problem by referring to
migrant criminals with politically correct euphemisms such as “southerners”, men with “dark skin”
or a combination of the two: “southern skin colour”. Police reports show that Germany’s migrant
rape crisis continues unabated, although accurate statistics are notoriously non-existent in one of
the most advanced countries in the world. 2
When we talk about migration, first, people mainly think of three elements:
•• illegal entry and stay
•• forgery of documents (passports)
•• trafficking in human beings
The mass media and the official EU statistics and documents are hiding any additional and
relevant information, with the exception of some UK press. Eurostat has not refreshed its database
on crimes since 2015, but it may do so in July 2018. In 2012 the European Commission published
a communication on “Measuring Crime in the EU, Statistics Action Plan 2011-2015”. This plan has
mentioned that since 2007 Eurostat has produced, on an annual basis, a statistic that focuses on
crime statistics containing data on the following: total crime, homicides, violent crime, robberies,
domestic burglary, theft of motor vehicle, drug trafficking, prison population and the number of
police officers involved. In 2010 the first working paper on money laundering was issued, statistics
were based on the indicators identified by the Commission’s expert sub-group on this issue. An
EU level offence definition and classification system has been developed in order to facilitate and
improve the comparability among the national authorities across the EU. 3
In the above mentioned communication, it is however stated that information on traditional forms
of crime - that is considered to lie outside EU competency - is more robust, more comparable and
generally of better quality than in the area of cross-border organised crime which relates more
closely to EU policy.
In 2010, in the Stockholm Programme, the European Council invited the Commission to continue
developing statistical tools to measure crime and criminal activities and reflect on how to further
develop the actions outlined and implemented in the “Action Plan 2006-2010”. 4 In terms of the
data quality the suggested actions included a significant element previously lacking in crime
2 Soeren Kern: Tolerating a “rape culture” to sustain a politically correct stance on mass migration
3 COM *2011( 713 final, Brussels, 18.01.2012 Measuring Crime in the EU
4 OJ C 115/1, 04.05.2010
statistics. It was recommended by the Council that “where appropriate demographic variables
such as gender, nationality, age group should be introduced”.
The implementation of such Action Plans are the responsibility of DG HOME (Directorate General
of the European Commission for Migration and Home Affairs), and drawing up the statistics should
be done by Eurostat. The role of this body is to ensure the EU’s security, to build a common EU
migration and asylum policy, and to promote dialogue and cooperation with non-EU countries.
Eurostat is one of the institutions of the EU that is responsible for providing statistical information
on the Member States and to promote the harmonisation of statistical methods across the EU and
candidates for accession as well as for EFTA countries. Somehow it seems, that the Commission
is either unable to cooperate with the national authorities to compare EU level data on crime, or
is not willing to do so.
One main reason is that the level of crime has been rising in those Member States (MS) which
took in migrants in massive numbers in 2015, compared to those states that refused them.
It is also hidden in the EU media that the cultural difference between the EU natives and migrants
cause the biggest division. Several articles and MEPs claim that the migrants are not familiar with
the local law, therefore they behave in a different way. Briefly: if for example they steal, they
consume drugs or they rape women it is often excused as “cultural differences”. As it is often said
not knowing the law, does not excuse.
Those left-liberal politicians, journalists, NGOs and citizens, who suggest that multiculturalism is
a higher level of existence, tend to overlook a very significant fact. There is a cultural difference
between a Europe that is based on Christian values that allow mutual respect of individuals in a
democratic context and another world that challenges all these.
In fact, it is this ‘multiculturalism’ propagated by left wing liberals that has exposed entire societies
to Islamic values that are very often completely at odds with Europe´s historically rooted Judeo-
Christian values system. In Europe, you no longer talk of religious belief in polite company or at
the dinner table. Apart from celebrating the main religious holidays, the majority of Europeans
do not manifest their religious affiliation on a daily basis. This is in stark contrast to the large
majority of the immigrants coming from Muslim States, where the Sharia law is the basis of their
everyday activity. Islam manifests itself openly as it is obligatory to demonstrate and obey its
religious doctrines, according to the Koran’s guidance.
Violence and crime have increased in Europe since the unprecedented level of migration
facilitated by Schengen and the open borders policies of the EU. There cannot be a family in
Western Europe who is not either aware of this simple fact or who has not been directly affected
by the consequences of the new migrant crimewave.
There is an insuperable difference in mentality between the mostly Muslim migrants, the poor
Africans and the native Europeans, who may no longer identify themselves as Christians, but still
live their lives based on a culture and values of Judeo-Christian teachings. Rather than creating a
happier and more open society, mass migration has created parallel societies.
Left liberal politicians still pretend that mass migration leads to some kind of utopia in which
migrants from various backgrounds, characterised by opposing cultural values, frequently lower
educational backgrounds, and an inability to speak a European language will enrich those host
Today we are living in a world based on the conflict of values: European liberalism, equality and
tolerance is being challenged by “Eastern Muslim” racism and religious bigotry. It is politically
incorrect to say but frequently true that these migrants typically tend to be more racist than
native Europeans. Yet, patriots and people who simply believe in and love their own nations,
are being stigmatized as extreme-right populists by journalists and by unaccountable political
establishments who believe they know best.
European Union institutions have been founded on this massive democratic deficit. The Eastern
European Member States, for example Hungary and Poland, still dare to talk about ancient, basic
values that are eschewed in discussion by the majority of Western European politicians. Those
countries dare to address the problem of migration and dare to point out that migration is a real
problem threatening our basic European existence as we know it today. At the same time, these
countries emphasise that it is our duty to help the poor who are suffering, although not in Europe,
but rather in their local community, in their own country.
The majority of the migrants coming to Europe are young men, who arrive from hugely chauvinist
societies, where women are seen as not much more than either property or barter items. In our
acceptance of the oppression of women in migrant communities we are recreating a problem
in Europe that has not existed for many decades or even centuries. European institutions are
refusing to raise this problem from this point of view. The protection of women can only, it seems,
be raised within the context of gender equality and LGBT right wing.

Equally, the questions of terrorism and security have been neglected for too long. The lack of real
protection of the external borders led to the enormous level of illegal border crossings, with the
infiltration of foreign terrorist fighters and Islam radicals. These people hate Europe and would
like to cause us harm, albeit more and more Muslims are open to these “teachings” because living
on the periphery of the European societies make them feel excluded. There has been a rise in the
number of terrorist attacks committed or planned in European towns and cities. Europol figures
clearly show that religious jihadist terrorism is very common and threatening European security.
There is an instructive comparison to make here. The majority of the Members of the European
Parliament still support the open, external border policy of the EU, in order to shelter more
migrants, many of whom are illegal. At the same time, they are happy with beefing up security
measures through the construction works around the entrances of the European Parliament
premises which have been going on for almost two years. Due to these works, the MEP’s become
more secure with more checks and more security. Thus, in the wake of terrorist attacks the
European Parliament recognises the urgency of providing increased protection for the people
inside, whilst leaving ordinary people vulnerable by keeping the borders wide open for mass
migration. They keep themselves safe, but not their constituents What is happening around the Parliament is exactly what is needed at Europe’s borders. More
safety and less crime can be achieved through better protection and stricter control at our
borders, better cooperation among the Members States, and a willingness and commitment to
implement the deportations and returns of economic migrants.
Is it any wonder that the so-called ‘populists’ are sweeping to power across our great continent?
Our enemies claim we have no policies, just sound bites of hate. Yet the voters are in revolt. They
know what is happening in their neighbourhoods across the continent and from Paris to London
to The Hague. In the East, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest, refusing to accept the EU’s
migrant quotas. They see clearly what is happening in the West’s capitals and they want no part
of it.
As governments change across the EU and populists parties take control, we are seeing a
fightback, and a return to the nation state, a return to closed borders and a migration system that
vets newcomers, a system that works for the many, not the few.
Let´s not forget that this crime wave we are seeing across Europe was entirely preventable.Left wing liberal parties fail to beat populist and national forces and now resort to the importing
of many millions of people who are not connected to any European nation. They are relying on
migrant votes instead of the European nations’ peoples.
The EU failed to stop the migrants from entering our countries because they ignored the Dublin
Treaty. It was also an illegal invasion and anti-democratic because leaders like German Chancellor
Merkel didn’t ask their own people whether they wanted this invasion and it was also grossly
unfair to the migrants themselves. After seeing their migrant countrymen reach Europe and
listening to the rhetoric from people like Merkel, Juncker, Mogherini and the rest of the liberal
elites, they saw it as a green light to buy their passage to the EU. Some died along the way, and
now the EU wants to send many of them home, because of the political backlash and crime wave
they brought with them.
Germany, and in particular Mutti Merkel, made a spectacular blunder. In 2015, she looked callous
when she made a young Palestinian refugee cry by explaining that she and her family might have
to be deported because … “there are thousands and thousands of people in Palestinian refugee
camps … if we now say, ‘you can all come’ … we just cannot manage that.” Just six weeks later,
in response to the backlash from the liberal left and those missguided people who just didn’t
understand the reality of the migrant crisis exploding on Europe’s doorstep, she boldly declared:
“We can manage that”. And they came.
“Often in history it is not the motives that matter, but the consequences.195 ” Since the start of
2015, Germany has received 1.38 million “initial asylum applications”, about a third of them from
Syrians. Three-quarters of the asylum seekers are aged 30 or younger; 60 percent are male. About
half the applications have been approved, but only around 80,000 of those denied asylum have
been deported. About 86 percent of accepted refugees are Muslims.
The full implications of this mass influx remains to be seen. According to the Pew Research Centre,
the Muslim population of Germany (which was 6 percent in 2016) could be anything between 8.7
percent and 19.7 percent by 2050, depending on the future rate of immigration.
The short-run consequences, however, are clear. There has been a marked increase in crime. And
there has been a seismic political backlash. The crime issue is controversial, but last month a
rigorous, government-commissioned study was published by the Zürich University of Applied
Sciences, based on data from the state of Lower Saxony. By the end of 2016, around 750,000 of the
state’s 8m residents were not German citizens, and about 170,000 of them had applied for asylum.
The Zürich study reveals that asylum seekers were responsible for a surge in violent crime, which
had fallen by 22 percent between 2007 and 2014, but rose by more than 10% from then until
the end of 2016. More than 92 percent of that increase was attributable to the newcomers, with
young men from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia overrepresented among the perpetrators.
And the victims? In nine out of 10 murders and three-quarters of cases of grievous bodily harm,
they were other migrants. But in 70% of robberies and 58.6 percent of rape and sexual assault
cases, the victims were German. Think about that.196
However, we have to find solutions, particularly for those law-abiding and peaceful Muslims living
in our countries who are now stigmatised. One answer is to stop any more Muslim migration
from Pakistan and North African countries.
The law-abiding Muslims who identify as European should be encouraged to be more vocal
about their condemnation of Radical Islam without fear of reprisals. There is a very dangerous and
growing anti-Muslim sentiment, not only within the extreme Right but also with ordinary citizens.
Islam is not going to leave European countries – and nor should it, but Radical Islam has to be
stopped from entering our countries and quickly.
Those communities that have high numbers of foreigners who do not speak the host nation’s
language should attend compulsory language lessons. (In the UK it is estimated that 700,000
cannot speak English). It is vitally important to the integration of migrants who wish to build
cohesive community relations and have a successful future in the EU that they learn to speak our
languages. If you cannot speak the language and you are from a country outside of the EU, you
are culturally cut off; you will find it difficult to gain employment other than in low paid jobs and
you invite suspicion.
Jihadis and their crime brides, what do we do with them?
No mention in the EU’s statistics of the evil European women of ISIS.
Frontex, the EU’s border agency, warned recently that 1,000 more jihadi brides and widows are
heading back to the EU from the collapsed caliphate in Syria and that they posed an ‘evolving’
threat.197 These women rejected our way of civilised life to fight alongside jihadi terrorists and
breed a new generation of jihadi babies.
These returnees left the safety of the West for the romances of marrying a ‘gangster husband’,
some fleeing forced marriages at home. Some were groomed online by jihadis who promised
them ‘love’. Divorced mothers went to Syria searching for a ‘father figure’ for their children. Around
a dozen have returned to the UK to undergo a ‘de-radicalisation’ programme run by a Muslim
doctor. Who sanctioned this, who agreed to let them back in and who is watching them?
They made their choices. They were Western educated and have rejected us. These women are
scum and cannot be de-radicalised.
And then there are the male jihadis.
More than 800 UK and at least 4,300 EU citizens are known to have joined IS in Syria and Iraq,
with France being the primary country of origin with 900, and 720-760 Germans. Belgium has
contributed the highest number of IS fighters per capita, with c. 516, closely followed by Austria
and Sweden.198
These people are criminals, they have forsaken their rights to EU citizenship because they have
committed terrorist atrocities. They are not European, do not hold European values and hate us,
they want to kill us.
In the UK, of the 300-400 that have returned, only a handful have been charged with offences. We
do not know who they are, where they live amongst us but we do know that our security services
do not have the manpower to follow each individual.
If we convict and jail them they infect others with their ideology. Our jails are at a crisis point with
overcrowding, underfunding and undermanned.
Those that have returned, under the radar, will have been allowed to return to their communities,
mosques and hate preachers.
So, what should we do with them?
When they are captured in the Middle East, we hand them over to the Syrians or Iraqis to put
them on trial in the countries they have committed the atrocities. Or we hand them over to
the US for trial and incarceration in Guantanamo Bay. If they are there, they remain isolated and
cannot infect our prisons with their evil ideology. Another solution, is to bring back the death
penalty for jihadists.
These people are not European, they are our enemies. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist, the only
good terrorist is a dead terrorist.
In the February 2018 Brussels plenary I called for an urgent debate on the Frontex report. Despite
there being an urgent debate the next day on funding terrorism, when the vote was taken, it was
voted down.
I told the opposing MEPs that they will have blood on their hands when the next stadium is
blown up, or a bomb is planted or a jihadi straps a bomb to himself to kill and maim our loved
ones. These MEPs are complicit in terrorism.
It is not too late to stop this crime wave.
We must deport the foreign nationals in our prisons. We should ignore the human rights industry
who have made their living out of our human misery and vote out the centre Right to the extreme
Left parties in the 2019 European Elections. The UK voted for Brexit, we voted to take back control
of our borders. But to do that we have to invest heavily in our Border Force and police. The EU’s
foreign aid budget needs diverting to ensure our own countries are safe, for deportation, camps
and a fast track system to weed out the charlatans from the genuine asylum seekers. Then we
direct our aid to countries we have undermined by illegal interventions to ensure that their
external borders are secure.
We owe it to our children, girls and women
Those that defend our identity, tradition, borders and security
And those that do not …
It has always struck me that those who supposedly lay claim to defending our freedoms are
exactly those who are destroying it – the liberal left:
Ana Gomes, Portugal, Socialists and Democrats Group (S&D)
“Orban’s migration policy is inhumane and anti-European. Syrian refugees should have been
welcomed with open arms.”
“Visegrad Four’s decision to unite against the relocation quota was a huge blow to European
(Ms Gomes is currently being attacked for being anti-Semitic)
Cecile Kashetu Kyenge, Italy, Socialists and Democrats (S&D)
“immigration compensates for the falling population”
“Europe is experiencing a tragedy in terms of its demographic decline. Globalisation has
established the principle of the free movement of goods and capital.”
The same rules apply to the movement of people. And today, Europe is an attractive destination
for migration. In any case, I do not believe that a few hundred thousand migrants constitute a

Guy Verhofstadt, Belgium, Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and
Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE)
“Instead of building useless walls that further divide us, the United Kingdom and France should
work together to process asylum applications and provide humanitarian assistance for those who
need it.”
“It is also necessary to design and implement -as soon as possible— a new European policy that
contemplates more legal and safer routes for economic migration to Europe.”
Sophie in ’t Veld, Netherlands, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for
Europe Party (ALDE)
“Europe is a shrinking and ageing continent. We need migration.”
Cecilia Wikström, Sweden, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for
Europe Party (ALDE)
“So what we need to see is a new Dublin system based on permanent allocation. We are not
talking about relocation anymore but allocation in which all Member States participate and take
their fair share of the burden.”
Source: Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee Meeting, 20/02/2018
Ska Keller, Germany, Co-Chair, Group of the Greens/European Free
Alliance (Greens EFA)
“It is important that we put the focus on what refugees themselves want.”
“It is not an issue of capacity, it is purely down to a scandalous lack of political will.
Philippe Lamberts, Belgium, Co-Chair, Group of the Greens/European
Free Alliance (Greens EFA)
“We propose that the second headquarters of the EU Parliament on Strasbourg to be made
available to the refugees and migrants.”
Jean Lambert, United Kingdom, Group of the Greens/European Free
Alliance (Greens EFA)
"The decision to build a wall in Calais is the latest wrong move in what is the ongoing scandal of
the handling of the plight of refugees in northern France,"
Dimitris Avramopoulus, Greece, European Commissioner for Migration,
Home Affairs and Citizenship
On the UN Global Compact on Migration, Opening speech at the Interparliamentary Debate
“In 2016 672 000 received a protection status in Europe. In 2017 382 000 were granted protection
status, mostly Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis.”
“We also need to enhance the legal pathways. Through the implementation of the European
resettlement scheme of July 2015 the EU-Turkey statement of March 2016 27 000 refugees were
settled. We want to go further and resettle 50 000 more over the next 2 years.”
“The majority of people on the move now are not fleeing crisis. Mobility will define our future. The
question is not how to stop it but how to better manage it collectively.”
“All countries must recognise as part of this global compact that receiving countries will have to
allow some people on their territory.”
Source: LIBE Committee Meeting 27/02/2018
We have to bring to an end the irregular flows, European Commission Communication
Brussels, 16 March 2016
“For every door that is closed to irregular migration, a window should be opened to offer a safe
“We need a system that provides orderly and safe pathways to the EU for third country nationals
in need of protection, or who can contribute to the EU's economic development. We should not
forget, that more than 1 million migrants arrived last year and settled mostly in Germany, Sweden,
“Europe is becoming increasingly diverse.”
“We have to create sustainable and long-term integration policies across the whole of the EU.”
“... the contribution that migration can bring to address the growing skills shortages in the EU.”
The language in their reports is deliberately mis-leading. Using the term “irregular migrants” for
‘illegal migrants”.
They tell us that we need migrants to pay taxes, to fill jobs and to reverse the birth rate. The
reality is a shocking 50% youth unemployment in southern EU, pensioner poverty, high taxes for
pet projects such as diversity, LGBT, gender and climate, all issues the illegal migrants have no
interest in or they are doctrinally opposed to. Pay taxes? Most of the migrants are in low paid jobs
subsidised by the states.
They ignore the crimes related to their migration polices. Female genital mutilation, child
marriage, child sexual abuse, honour killings, polygamy, their hate crimes aimed at morons
– all third world problems, now ours.
These dishonest politicians have been found out, we are not buying it any more – if many people
ever did, as no one asked us - particularly when ordinary citizens see the crime and terror effects
in their communities.

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