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thomas davison
Party Leader

Joined: 03 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:04 pm    Post subject: IDIOT POLITICIANS IGNORE NON WHITE MIGRANT TSUNAMI IN UK Reply with quote

UK: Idiot Politician Bunfight over EU Nonsense, Ignore Nonwhite Immigrant Tsunami

British politicians are continuing their idiotic and pointless bunfight over membership of the European Union—to the point where the government is in a serious crisis and could even collapse—while the real threat to Britain’s existence, mass Third World immigration, which has nothing to do with the EU, continues apace.

According to the latest immigration figures issued by the UK’s official Office for National Statistics, in 2018, some 625,000 people moved to the UK in the 12 months ending June 2018—of which 326,000, or 52 percent, came from outside the EU (that is, the Third World).

At the same time, 351,000 people—mostly white British and white EU nationals leaving the UK in the run up to Brexit—left the country. This fact means that in real terms, almost all immigration into to the UK in the last reported period was made up of nonwhites coming in from outside the European Union.

In spite of this fact, the idiot politicians in Britain, and the so-called “right wing” still maintain that EU membership is a vital issue over which they are prepared to provoke a political crisis. In reality, it is meaningless, as the ongoing Third World immigration tsunami has nothing to do with EU membership, and everything to do with the British parliament’s race-denying immigration laws.

This mass nonwhite immigration has already turned many of Britain’s major cities into white minority areas. In 2013, London became a majority nonwhite city, with massive nonwhite immigration—caused by the parliament in Britain, not the EU, having taken over the UK’s capital city.

Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham, is on course to becoming a majority nonwhite city within the next twelve months, also directly due to nonwhite immigration caused by the British parliament’s immigration laws—and once again, nothing to do with the EU.

This—and similar trends in many other major centers—means that white British people are set to become an absolute minority in the UK by the year 2066 at the latest. This is only 47 years away.

This then, is the real threat to Britain’s existence as a white, First World nation. The simpleton politicians and controlled media in that country continue however to engage in the panem et circenses* nonsense of “EU membership” to keep the population distracted from the real threat to their future, and the tin pot patriots cheer them on, oblivious to the total destruction that is staring them in the face.

* “Bread and circuses,” a phrase attributed to the Roman poet Juvenal, used to refer to a tactic to deliberately distract the masses of Rome from their imminent destruction.

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It is the Left Wing that condones the immigration tsunami. One migrant walked completely through the Channel Tunnel connecting the UK with France, he was not arrested, not prosecuted but given accommodation. No White person would have been so lucky. There have been cases where people are now afraid of speaking out against migration problems because they would be classed as ‘racist’ and even arrested as there is now a law for doing so. Irrespective of political party, our so-called elected representatives DO NOT represent us any more. The initials MP (apart from Military Police) instead of being Member of Parliament they are now MY PAY, MY PENSION, MY PERKS and do not include MY PEOPLE. We could do with a 21st century ‘Guy Fawkes’.
At one time I would have said it was the left wing now I say it is the 650 non job MPs who WE PAY FOR that want this country dominated by foreigners , there is only one way out --------drain the swamp in Westminster and end party politics in this country
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