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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 10:55 am    Post subject: OUR COUNTRY IS BEING INVADED AGAINST THE PEOPLES WISHES Reply with quote

Acting knowingly and deliberately against the wishes of the English People

10th August 2020 Catherine Blaiklock Blog 52
On the way to Eastbourne or a street near you

‘Why are you filming them? They are not causing you a problem.’ That is what a man known as ‘ActivePatriot66’ was told by a border force officer as he idiot for the world to see illegal immigrants being loaded onto a luxury coach at Dover.

Why do we even have immigation officials, border control officers and customs agencies if there isn’t a problem with undocumented people entering the country as this official so clearly believes? Why not just have open borders?

As Nigel Farage has shown us on TV, not only are thousands of illegal migrants making their way across the channel from the ‘safe’ country of France but they are being put up at the Bromsgrove Hilton, normal price £100 a night. Some 45,000 people who have arrived here illegally by various methods – channel dingies, planes, ships and those who overstayed their visas or were smuggled in- are now being accommodated in such hotels at a cost to the taxpayer of millions.

That is before the hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees that it will cost to remove any single individual. (One charming little quirk of our not-fit-for-purpose leaky borders and legal system is that when a group or family apply for asylum or refugee status they are classed as one application, even if it comprises ten individuals but when, rare deportation attempts are made, each person needs a separate deportation application, together with all the associated expensive lawyers and appeals funded by legal aid.)

This year thousands of people, breaking international law, will attempt to land in Britain. Do we arrest these people? No – quite the opposite. Many people working for various government agencies who are supposed to be securing our borders are actively aiding and abetting them. These include the Port of Dover police, Canterbury police, the immigration services, border force controls and custom officials – together with various charities as well as the lifeboat service.

Instead of deterring these people, they are actively organising logistical help. Why? Who runs these agencies? Have they been infiltrated by Marxists and Common Purpose who think that open borders are a good idea? How many people do they think that they will have to deal with? Do they think that they can empty the Calais jungle and that will be it? Does it never cross their minds that the flow will be like a bursting dam and that tens of millions from all over the world will arrive ?

It is better not to ask these questions and certainly not to stand filming in a public car park in the Port of Dover or in front of Frontier House in Folkestone where illegals are taken. Someone was clearly uncomfortable with the images that ActivePatriot66 might have on his camera. For two weeks, he stood there filming, telling a story that a lot of people did not want told. He was allegedly physically assaulted and aggressively spoken to by people who are supposed to be protecting Britain and who are being paid for by the taxpayer. Finally on Thursday lunchtime last week, someone high up had had enough. He was told that he was trespassing in a public car park and arrested.

Twenty seven hours later Active Patriot was released. His overnight accommodation was not a Hilton Hotel but a police cell. It is now a crime to film in a public place events that certain officials would rather people did not know about.
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