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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:06 pm    Post subject: MUSLIMS MORE PATRIOTIC THAN BRITISH PEOPLE, MORE RUBBISH Reply with quote

Muslims 'are more patriotic than most British people'By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:35 PM on 20th November 2011

British Muslims feel a greater sense of national pride than the average UK citizen, according to the results of a new poll.

While 79 per cent of the Britons quizzed said they agreed with the statement 'I am proud to be a British citizen', the figure rose to 83 per cent among Muslims.
And Muslim Britons were also found to be significantly more optimistic than most with just 31 per cent agreeing with the notion that Britain's best days are in the past compared to an average of 45 per cent.
National pride: A group of Muslim women enjoy a stroll in Regent's Park. A new survey has found Muslims to be more patriotic than the average British citizen
The figures are, to some extent, understood to reflect a reaction to the hostility and distrust felt by many British Muslims in the post 9/11 world.
More...BINNED: Anti-litter poster that was an 'insult to Muslims'
NHS blitz on striking staff who pull a sickie to avoid losing pay
The bionic generation: More Britons than ever are using astonishing new prosthetics that 'think' like real limbs

There is also the belief that Muslims are more able to appreciate the political freedoms UK citizens enjoy as they can trace their family roots to far more oppressive and non-democratic regimes.

British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan, one of the most prominent flag wavers among the nation's Muslim population, often speaks in interviews about his sense of national pride.
Role model: Pakistani-British boxer Amir Khan often talks of the pride he feels in his national identity
The poll of 2000 people, taken by the think tank Demos, was designed to find what symbolises the best of Britain.

The report found: 'This optimism in British Muslims is significant as - combined with their high score for pride in being British - it runs counter to a prevailing narrative about Muslim dissatisfaction with and in the UK.'
Around half of people questioned for the survey said they believed Britain benefited from being a multicultural country.

They survey also discovered that courteous and generous behavior inspired patriotism more than institutions such as the monarchy or the BBC.
How people rate our cultural icons:

Shakespeare 75%
The National Trust 72%
The armed forces 72%
The Union Jack 71%
The pound 70%
The NHS 69%
The monarchy 68%
The BBC 63%
British sporting achievements 58%
The Beatles 55%
Tariq Modood, director of the Centre For Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship told the Sunday Times: 'They [Muslims] can... say to people, "We are British and you've got us wrong".
'Or they can say, "You don't think we're really British?, Fine, we're not." Only a very small minority do this.'
Shakespeare was found to be Britain's most prized national treasure with 75 per cent of people ranking him as s source of pride.
He was followed by The National Trust, the armed forces, The Union Jack flag and the Pound.
Institutions the NHS, the monarchy and the BBC came in sixth, seventh and eighth respectively.
Women were found to be significantly more optimistic about the country's future than men while young Britons were found to be only 10 per cent less patriotic than those aged over 65.
A healthy two thirds of respondents said they had volunteered at least once during the past year and the act is the biggest single indicator of national pride.
Of course British Muslims are proud to be British - give it a few more generations we will have a Muslim prime minister. There are already more practising Muslims in this country than Christians and with their higher birth rate there will soon be sufficient voters to topple the British establishment. Our disaffected youth need to see what is coming in their lifetimes and put pressure on the government to give them a chance in life - lets get the working classes back and build our country up to what it used to be. Start by closing the doors to all non nationals, slash overseas aid to a bare minimum and reinvest OUR money back into OUR country for the benefit of OUR people. The government should employ a minister with overall responsibility to motivate our lost generation - not willing to work - then you get no benefits. Bring back Christian religious education into the schools - it is the basis of our laws and legal system - we all need a good foundation.

Perhaps the lack of 'Patriotism' by the British people is down to the fact that they are fed up with the influx of immigrants into this country. They are fed up with the loss of identity created by such an influx. They are fed up of being 'dis-allowed' whilst those immigrants 'are allowed'.ie wounded British soldiers being denied suitable housing whilst immigrants go to the top of housing lists and are given Mansions to live in. Sick because a BRITISH OLD AGED PENSIONER (remember they worked hard and paid their Income Tax and National Insurance contributions to the British government all their working life) receives a Weekly allowance: 106.00 whilst IMMIGRANTS/REFUGEES IN BRITAIN (No Income Tax and National Insurance contribution whatsoever) receive a Weekly allowance: 250.00. They are sick because BRITISH OLD AGED PENSIONERS Weekly Spouse allowance: 25.00 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS/REFUGEES IN BRITAIN Weekly Spouse allowance: 225.00. It goes on and on. Patriotism?? Uh!!..!

Now ask the question of whether or not they would defend Great Britain against a muslim terrorist attack and see what response you get. I doubt pride of country would come before pride of religion.

More bullshit to put you off the real reason they are here, get them out before they rub you out.
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