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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 7:59 am    Post subject: DR CARRIE MADEJ TRAFALGAR SQUARE SPEECH MUST READ THIS Reply with quote

Trafalgar Square London Speech 09-19-2020 (Dr. Carrie Madej, link).
35s ‘You know that there has been a lot of lies and deceit, manipulation and misinformation going on. You know that we cannot continue to live in this manner.
It is not healthy for our emotional state, our physical state, our spiritual state, our financial state. Just some of the crazy, insane things we have been going through. Well, let’s start with social distancing. There’s a virus that can’t go past 6 feet, so we have a social distancing rule of 6 feet that’s been going on for 6 months in most places. That’s unbelievable. I don’t see any scientific data to back that up and why are we here doing that? What I do know is that it causes a lot of disunity, the blockage of human contact affects us, affects our heart. Also, let’s go with those cloth and paper masks that we’ve been forced to wear many times. Where is the scientific evidence to irrefutably prove that this works? In fact, all of our good sound scientific evidence proves otherwise. Why is this going on? This goes against all of my medical training, all of my colleagues medical training, this is not the way you use masks. You don’t put them on healthy people, you don’t force people to wear them when they walk through the restaurant but not at the table, it’s crazy. Why are we saying asymptomatic carriers, the healthy people are a risk to society? Why are we putting those people in quarantine? Why are we putting those people in containment camps in certain countries? It doesn’t make sense. Why are we ruining our food supply? Why are we ruining our finances? Why are we doing this? So when we don’t know what’s going on in the world, when we are questioning things, when we want answers, when we go to our world leaders, we go to international organisations, we ask them and they’ve answered us. And they’ve given us an answer to when this could end. They’ve said that when almost everybody on this planet has been vaccinated with the new covid 19 vaccine, well, then we can go back to some kind of normalcy. Well, I’m here to tell you with a resounding no that we should not accept that because, ladies and gentlemen, this vaccine is completely new on the human race. It is completely experimental, it has never been unveiled on us before. There are many things you must know. First of all, this vaccine is using something called modified RNA or modified DNA, this is not like the regular vaccine. They use different processes but overall it’s called transfection to be able to insert a genetic code inside of our cells, inside of our DNA. Once that happens it can be taken up permanently in your body when they tell you it cannot they’re lying, they are lying. Because by all scientific definition, yes it can. Because when they use transfection, that’s the same process they use to make a genetically modified organism like monsanto seeds which are sterile and not as healthy. So absolutely it can affect our genome, absolutely it can affect our health and even our fertility absolutely. And why are they lying? Other things we can expect from this is more longer term would be increased cancers, increased mutagenesis, increased autoimmune disorders. Also, some of the initial studies of these vaccines, lets take Moderna for instance, they only had 45 patients in the one study and they did a high-dose vaccine group and a low-dose vaccine group. The high-dose vaccine group got, 100 percent of them, got systemic side effects, in the low-dose vaccine group 80 percent. Already we’re seeing immediate side effects, what about the long term? And you must know that they have skipped the animal trials in almost all of these vaccine studies, very interesting, why is that? Well, they tell us because they don’t have time, they’re doing it for the safety of all or the public good. No. Let’s go back in time a few years bck because they have bee trying to do this vaccine on animals before, modified RNA, and in the animal trials the animals initially looked like they had a robust immune system but when the animal were then challenged with the virus in the future the animals got sicker or they died, they were bad, they were worse. Is that what they’re trying to hide from us? Could this potentially kill and make us sicker when we are introduced to this virus again or similar virus, it’s very possible. But ladies and gentlemen that’s not the worst of what I’m about to say about what they want to introduce on us. Here’s the kicker, they plan on using a unique identifier in the vaccine, one of the patents is called luciferase, it’s called luciferase. These are nano crystals, bioluminescent, they light up under certain conditions, you would not be able to see it or feel it on your skin but with a special application it can pass over and it would say whether or not you were vaccinated, it would hold your vaccination record as well as your medical records But guys, this is giving you a bar code, a number, a digital id, for how long? We are not products on the shelf in a store, we are human beings, we are sovereign human beings, we deserve better than that. What is this going to be used for? And when they do this you must know they’re saying nano crystals, this is actually using nanotechnology. What’s nanotechnology? Microscopic little robots, these can actually put biosensors into our body a bio sensor immediately start gathering information from your body, how you’re breathing, your blood sugar, your oxygen, your sleeping habits, your sexual habits, your menstrual cycle, what medicines are in your body if you’re taking medicines, if you’re taking illicit drugs, your emotions, everything would never be private again. What is this being used for? It would go, accumulate all this data, go to your smartphone, go to another smart device, go to the cloud. Who’s using that? Who’s marketing off that? Who’s profiting off that? Why is someone else getting that information that’s being proposed to use in these vaccines? You have to know this because once this in our body there’s no guarantee we can get it out and there’s no guarantee it would ever end. It’s do or die, once you get it you can’t get it out. And think about that, overnight losing our autonomies, our privacies, our freedom. I say no. We need to tell everyone around the world what is about to happen. So what could another motivation of this? Well, by chance in March 26 of 2020 a patent, an international patent, was published, Microsoft was one of the applicants or was an applicant for this patent. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, you should always remember those names. This international patent is the number 060606, it would connect our biometric data with cryptocurrency. What does that mean? Those biosensors I told you that could be injected inside of you, would accumulate the data, they would link us to artificial intelligence, the cloud, well then that would be used as cryptocurrency. Our bodies would be turned into a monetary commodity, the ultimate of enslavement. Why aren’t they talking about this? Why are they lying? Why are they being deceitful? Why aren’t they bringing this out in the open? We certainly won’t benefit from this’.

Humanity as monetary commodities – sounds like the 1999 film ‘The Matrix’ to me.

Quantum Dot Tattoos from Bill Gates to be Invisibly Embedded Inside Coronavirus Vaccines (link).
‘Developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with Gates funding, these new tattoos silently store people’s health records without them even knowing it, a “Mark of the Beast” type of technological system that aligns with key provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka “Obamacare.”’
‘All of this is a dream come true for Gates, who seems to have been waiting his entire life for this moment to unleash what amounts to tracking chips for the “human cattle” of the world – all disguised as a “vaccine,” of course’.

Open letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all belgian authorities and all belgian media. (link).

Belgian Medical Profession Demands a Halt to Covid Pandemic Propaganda (link)
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