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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 9:17 am    Post subject: WE HAVE TO QUIT THE EU TO PROTECT UK JOBS SAYS UNION BOSS Reply with quote


Bob Crow says the EU betrayed Bombardier workers
Saturday September 10,2011
By John Ingham, Transport Editor Have your say(8)
BRITAIN should protect jobs and services by quitting the EU, the RMT rail union said yesterday.

On the eve of next week’s TUC Congress, RMT general secretary Bob Crow hit out at the “EU-driven betrayal” of Bombardier workers over the £1.5billion Thameslink train contract.

And he claimed there was widespread support among working people for Britain to get out of the EU.


Bombardier, Britain’s last train- maker, is sacking nearly half its 3,000 Derby workforce after the Government handed the Thameslink contract to German rival Siemens.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond claims that under EU rules he had to abide by the original tender conditions laid down by the Labour Government. This failed to include the impact on British jobs.

Bombardier is now conducting a review of its operations in the UK and there are fears for up to 10,000 jobs among firms supplying its rail division. A survey this week found that the 800 supply firms are scattered across the UK and can be found in the constituencies of David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Chancellor George Osborne and Mr Hammond.

We support British withdrawal from the bosses’ and bankers’ Europe that has unleashed misery
RMT general secretary Bob Crow

Mr Crow said the focus of the debate on Europe needed to shift from politicians and academics to working men and women.

He said: “It is the working class across Europe that is paying the price for monetary union through savage cuts to their jobs, their services and their standards of living.

“Nowhere is that fact more ­obvious than with the EU-driven betrayal of Bombardier in Derby.

“RMT isn’t messing about. We support British withdrawal from the bosses’ and bankers’ Europe that has unleashed misery for millions from Athens to Madrid and on to the production lines of Bombardier in Derby. This isn’t a debate that should be dominated by the political and ­chattering classes. We want ­working-class voices to be heard.”

At the TUC Mr Crow will propose a motion criticising EU trade agreements.

He said: “These would allow the exploitation of Indian workers and the further erosion of jobs and working conditions in Britain as we enter another phase of social dumping driven by EU diktat.”

He added: “The disaster of economic and monetary union is now blindingly obvious and the time is absolutely right to kick off a proper debate about British withdrawal.”

Critics claim Britain follows EU rules to the letter while other states are more flexible in their approach.

Professor Karel Williams, of Manchester University’s Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change, said: “About 90 per cent of trains operating in France, Italy and Germany have been built in their own countries. Is that really because of the strength of their train-building industry?” Brussels dismisses claims that Bombardier lost out due to EU rules. It says socio-economic factors could have been considered if they had been in the bidding criteria.

The RMT quit call comes with pressure building on David Cameron to use the fallout from the eurozone crisis as a chance to rewrite Britain’s relationship with the EU.

Earlier this year, 373,000 Daily Express readers backed a petition calling for the UK to quit the EU.

A petition started by the Daily Express on the Government’s ­official e-petition website now has more than 27,700 signatures, also calling for British withdrawal.

So why now open your mouth,its far to late commerad.Most jobs now are taken by poles,and most criminals are eastern european.So union dues are not on their radar.
Cameron the serial liar,walks in blairs corrupt shoes,and does everthing in his power to deny us democracy.Eu referendum,well look at him,i would'nt buy a second hand parot from cam the spam.He's just waiting in number ten till rumpy gives him a call.Come on over dave,the perks are great and knowbody needs to elect you.Its win win win,and hey you can lick my boots on fridays.

I think the union's know what they have done by blindly supporting Blair and Chuckle Brother Brown. Their memberships must be really dwindling as people have been thrown out of work (which they are responsible for).

I really feel sorry for the workers as immigrants (who don't want to join unions) are given their jobs.

But keep voting Labour or Conservative and you'll keep getting the same kick up the backside.

This government just does't know what to do but tax everybody else thats left and get them so sick of it they either leave the country or go on the dole.

Cameron has lied on everything since coming to office and in the end just doe's what the EU wants, the EU's representative on our Government, Nasty Nick Clegg, makes sure Cameron doe's do as he is told.

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