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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:09 am    Post subject: PLANET REACHES 7 BILLION, THE END OF OUR WORLD IS NIGH Reply with quote


Ban Ki-moon last week revealed the world population will reach the seven billion figure
Sunday October 9,2011
By Stuart Winter
MANKIND is facing a Hallowe’en nightmare with the birth of the planet’s seven billionth citizen.

October 31 will see the human population reach an ominous milestone after doubling in less than 50 years and threatening an environmental catastrophe.

Already our demands for food, water, living space and minerals have created what has been described as the “Sixth Extinction” as millions of creatures vanish because of habitat loss, pollution and global warming.

Today our numbers threaten the future of humanity. Global famine, wars over the world’s water resources and disease pandemics are just a few of the apocalyptic scenarios that could be played out as the number of humans heads menacingly towards 10 billion by 2085.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon last week revealed the world population will reach the seven billion figure on the last day of the month.

Since almost being wiped out 18,000 years ago by the last Ice Age, the footfall of mankind has changed the planet more dramatically than the glaciers, with the most visible impacts in little more than 200 years.

When Nelson fought at Trafalgar in 1805 the world’s population had only just reached one billion. It took another 122 years to reach two billion and, by 1960, had reached three billion.

Since then, decreased mortality levels weighed against birth rates mean there are an additional 214,000 people coming into the world every day.

The rate at which we are over-consuming natural resources can be judged by the earlier arrival of the so-called “Ecological Debt Day”, marking the date when humanity has consumed all the natural resources earth can make in a year. In 1987, the date was given as December 19. This year it was September 27.

British-based charity Population Matters is launching an advertising campaign to highlight overpopulation problems.The organisation has an impressive list of scientists and social commentators as patrons, including Sir David Attenborough, who has warned: “All environmental problems become harder – and ultimately impossible – to solve with ever more people.”

Simon Ross, chief executive of Population Matters, said: “We need ways to create a sustainable world for future generations.

“We want improved overseas aid for women’s education and family planning services to enable women more choice in career options and family formation.

“Where people have choices, such as the UK, we ask them to have ‘two or fewer’ children.”

the non pc view:

The majority of this seven billion consists of pathetic people, scraping a precarious living at subsistence level, yet breeding like rabbits whilst living in places prone to earthquakes, landslides, flooding or drought. When things go wrong (which they frequently do), this miserable population is decimated by disaster, whilst the survivors plead for help. Even when their resources have nearly run-out, they manage to find the energy to make war on each other, but neglect food production whilst having the cheek to demand food-aid from the West.
The world does not need more people like this and the civilised world needs to limit their population by force, as they will soon fill-up their own land and attempt to swarm over ours like locusts.
Wicked clerics, who declare that contraception is a sin and that God/Allah/Whoever wants them to multiply and swamp their rivals, exacerbate the situation.

The end of the white man view:

Funny that no mention is ever made in all these programmes of the following:

In the 1950s, ethnic Europeans comprised 25% of the world's population. Today, that figure is only 9% and falling. In a few decades, it will be a mere 5%, and a few decades after that, ethnic Europeans may cease to exist, a fact openly welcomed and gloated over by some ethnic African rap singers saying "kill the whites" and some ethnic Indian Subcontinental politicians in Britain, for example Yasmin Alibi-Brown welcoming the future extermination of all white males.

So ethnic Europeans are being advised to have fewer children?

But the great thing is that what they cant see is that when the White man has gone there will be no one to fund their idleness and massive child birth and they are going to get off their lazy a*ses and start working.
Then the fun will begin with going back to tribal fueds and mass murder.
And somehow the likes of Cameron just cant see it...amazing.

whats your view if you can bother to think about it....................
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:34 pm    Post subject: Breeding of Third world Reply with quote

The explosion of the birthrate in third world countries is very worrying especially as these people see migration to western countries as their only real option for a decent lifestyle.
India,China and Africa have far more people than they can cope with.
China had tried to halt the growth via forced family planning but this has brought its own problems.
Its time we in Europe,America,Canada,Australia and NZ pulled up the drawbridge and stopped this unbridled immigration.
We have caused a lot of this population growth with our vaccines,free food,clean water and disease(ethnic family planning)prevention.
Soon there will be little or no wildlife or jungles as more and more, man invades natures territory just to exist.
Instead of giving food aid to Africa,family planning and the promise of a retirement pension would be more effective to control their massive fecundity.
A totally depressing situation that is not being addressed in a sensible or feasable manner.
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