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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 4:14 pm    Post subject: MAY TO SIGN UN MIGRATION COMPACT ON 12 DEC Reply with quote

Generation Identity UK & Ireland November 2018 Newsletter - The UN Migration PACT

UK to Sign The UN Global Compact on Migration (GCM)

The UN Global Compact on Migration has also been a focus of Generation Identity actions in Austria, Hungary, and France. These actions, and a concerted online campaign to raise awareness, have helped provide the wider political-cultural context that has enabled politicians in an increasing numbers of countries to come out against signing the Pact on 12 December.

In the video linked below, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner outline recent developments:

The English vlogger, The Iconoclast, also addresses the Pact in his ‘UN Migration Pact starts to collapse’:

GI UK, Ireland continue with our campaign against the Pact, and you can help:

What you can do

Very few people have heard of the GCM, even fewer understand the implications. The first step is to get the news of this highly dangerous pact out. You can:

Make sure you understand the GCM and its implications. Read our last two GISG Newsletters for information. Follow up on the various links provided above.
Sign GI’s petition, which has over 11,000 signatories. Share the petition online as widely as possible, and let people find out about what is being planned.

Tell your friends and family about the pact and explain the danger that it poses to our existence as Europe and the West, and the threat to our basic democratic liberties.

Generation Identity, actions, activities and campaigns.

Generation Identity is a Europe-wide movement with branches right across the continent, including our own UK and Ireland branch, but also with branches in France, Austria, Germany, Flanders, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia, and Italy. We are an activist movement that seeks to recalibrate the cultural-political landscape of our countries, in order that the peoples of Europe can have a European future in their own homelands. Our activism aims to highlight key issues that are frequently distorted, or go unreported by the mainstream media (particularly the broadcast media), and mainstream politicians. We strive to lead the way in the struggle against globalism, which is an existential threat to Europe, and represents an attack on the existence of our unique cultures and history by the forces of corporate capital, and their leftist allies.

This GISG Newsletter, covers just a few of Generation Identity’s actions, and campaigning over the last few weeks.

GI UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, and Austria…

LONDON, Waterloo Bridge, 18 November

Generation Identity activists went to Waterloo Bridge to unfurl a banner highlighting demographic replacement in the capital, which, according to the 2011 Census (now out of date), is only 45% White British. This is the reality of the Great Replacement, which is an ever-increasing trend, visible, and verifiable, across Western Europe and in North America. The GI banner drop met with opposition from a handful of aggressive, drunk and doped, leftists. But the banner drop went ahead, with our activists acting with their usual restraint.

LIVERPOOL, 18 November

Generation Identity UK, like our sister branches across Europe, make a practice of taking aid to people living on the streets. As the cold weather is now here, these people are not only at risk from thugs, but also from freezing temperatures. We take clothing and food as a small attempt to alleviate their suffering.

CAMBRIDGE, 11 November

The 11th November is always a solemn day, but this year, on the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, Remembrance Day took on a special meaning. The nations of the United Kingdom prepared to remember the sacrifice and suffering of men and women from these islands, along with their allies from the countries of the Empire, who endured, even unto death, the horrors of war. It was not a surprise that, in the run up to the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, a few, privileged, vocal, left-wing students sought to deny the sacrifice of yesterday’s young men. In October, students at Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) voted down an attempt to promote Remembrance at the University. Worse, a leftist amendment, proposed by student activist Stella Swain, struck out references to “British war veterans”, “Remembrance Day” and “Poppies”, insisting instead on ideological globalism.

Generation Identity activists refused to let this insult go unremarked upon, and travelled to Cambridge on the Sunday morning, and made a moving, restrained, and respectful protest for the dead, on the steps of the CUSU building. Portraits of 22 Cambridge University men who gave their lives for their country in the Great War were placed on the steps of the building. The 22 young men fought, endured, suffered and died for the country and people they loved, as did thousands of their college and university colleagues. The simple display was well received by members of the public, who recognised the courage and honour of Cambridge students that have gone before. They have not been forgotten, they will not be forgotten.

GI Ireland

The online Irish news portal, The Tricolour, ran an accurate, factual piece on Generation Identity in Ireland and Europe. It correctly identified GI’s approach – ‘They believe that political change is not only possible in the parliaments and party politics, but also in cultural activities, public debates, the media and on the streets and act in a kind of “pre-political space” which determines discourse and thus serves as the basis for direct and concrete political decisions. In this regard the movement has been very successful in capturing the public’s attention. It does this through impressive publicity stunts’. It is worth a read:

Copenhagen, 19 November

In our previous Newsletters we have highlighted the dreadful threat posed by the United Nations’ Global Compact on Migration (aka, the Migration Pact). All Generation Identity branches have been raising awareness about the pact, and campaigning against it. The activists of Generation Identitaer were out in Copenhagen, dressed as technicians from the ‘UN Agency for the Replacement of the European Peoples’. Using signs, leaflets and speeches, their mission was to help people adjust to life after the UN Migration Pact. Watch the Danes in action here: (don’t forget to switch on English subtitles, in case your Danish is a bit shaky!).

BONN, 18 November

In Germany, there is increasing public unease over the UN Pact, with AfD politicians talking about the threat that it poses to a country already heavily damaged by the globalism of Merkel. In Bonn on 18 November, Identitarians led a demonstration against Germany signing the Pact, and called on their government to follow the example of the USA, Australia, Israel, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Austria, and reject the Pact.


We are a grassroots volunteer organisation. We rely on donations to keep our activities going. If you like or support our campaigns you can donate securely from our website:-


Generation Identity.
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