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thomas davison
Party Leader

Joined: 03 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:55 pm    Post subject: THE LAST DAYS OF MAY, Reply with quote

Dear Members and Friends,

The Last Days Of May.

To witness the mental demolition of a close friend, let alone our Prime Minister (who is surely compos mentis ) is distressing to say the least. To threaten the majority of the voting electorate, let alone the once great Tory Party with ‘my deal’ or ‘no Brexit’ is truly pathetic and demeans not just the holder of the office but also the United Kingdom. For it raises a fundamental question in many a reasonable mind: do we live in a democracy or a theocracy?
Needless to say, HM Treasury and the Bank of England governor have come out in full support of May’s deal, otherwise known as sabotage, though some of you may say treason. Indeed the Treasury has forecast a £200 billion pound loss unless the People back the PM’s proposals. We have been round this course before, when a vote to Leave was forecast to incur an immediate recession, massive unemployment, and hell on earth. None of this came to pass, so we may reasonably treat Treasury forecasts with a barrow load of salt. Project Fear mark 3 is in full swing.

Interestingly, forecasts of financial Armageddon were undermined by none other than the PM herself in response to a question from Labour MP Rachel Reeves, during a recent Liaison Committee hearing. “Obviously there are other aspects in terms of international trade” she replied brightly. “In 2020, 90 percent of the growth is due to be outside the European Union.”

So there we have it, even the PM does not believe in her own deal!

Economics aside, there looms a huge constitutional crisis whereby under the present proposal Northern Ireland is treated differently from the rest of the UK and will be locked into an open-ended backstop in the customs union. This presages the break up of the United Kingdom, and explains why the DUP are rightly resistant to any concept that treats them differently. The EU will retain the irrevocable right of veto to prolong the backstop indefinitely, so that we could never Leave the EU without Union disintegration. A most serious, even treasonous breach of the Privy Council oath.

The solution is breathtakingly simple. Repeal of the European Communities Act of 1972 takes effect in March next year. Ditch the rest where European directives are automatically transposed into UK law, and declare UDI under the Vienna Convention of Treaties. Thereby tearing up all the treaties the UK has entered into with the EU. The UK can then sign off on trade deals with the US, Canada, and the 52 Commonwealth countries. The City will retain its position and, in short order, EU representatives will beg for terms to access our financial services, let alone the German car market. Thus, from the very day after the Referendum, our only sensible default position has been to revert immediately to the WTO. Anything else has been a complete waste of time.

In other words, ‘no-deal Brexit’ is a two stage process, not one, and is a win-win proposition. Leading economist Tim Congdon, has estimated that EU regulation costs British businesses some £180 billion per annum in regulation, which is an absurd impost since only 5% of our businesses actually export to the EU! And why snub Donald Trump, who has offered an historic trade deal which can only enhance a profitable exchange of goods? And let’s not forget that if the UK hitches it’s wagon to the EU, we too will be hit by Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminium. It makes no sense.

Nor should we forget that the EU is past the zenith of it’s power, as the slow motion train wreck of the Italian debt crisis foreshadows. The Euro currency will not survive, and the UK needs to be in the lifeboat, not swigging champagne on the upper deck of the EU Titanic.

We ask that you write to your MPs and urge them to send in letters of no confidence if they are Tories, and if not, to vote down May’s cataclysmic proposals, proposals which she herself now admits will be disastrous for Britain’s international trade prospects.

Sir William Jaffray.
Chairman of Democracy17.4 membership association.
London. 30 November 2018.
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