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thomas davison
Party Leader

Joined: 03 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:22 pm    Post subject: HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM DEMOCRACY 17.4 NEW PARTY STARTING Reply with quote

Dear Members and Friends

Happy Christmas!

Itís been an unhappy year for us Brexiteers. We have been obliged to watch our parliamentary pygmies squabble all year long to achieve little of substance and nothing of benefit for the U.K. Two and a half years after voting to Leave the EU, we are no further forward. Indeed, we have been threatened with no Brexit at all by our disgrace of a Prime Minister unless the Commons backs her capitulation; a ďdealĒ which locks the U.K. into the EU permanently or face the break-up of the Union.

Meanwhile, many of our newspapers print lurid tales of woe if we go to the no-deal default position on 29 March 2019. Hysteria has replaced news- an echo of the hysterics over the millennium bug in 2000. Computers continued to function and the stars did not fall down. In the real world, no-deal, (a misnomer anyway), presents a fantastic opportunity for the U.K. to prosper since 163 countries around the world trade merrily on WTO terms. So whatís the problem?

In an only too rare shaft of light, Dominic Raab advocates that the £39 billion pound gift to the EU can be better spent here by overhauling business rates. A small levy on business turnover would solve the problem neatly and eliminate the inherent unfairness of basing business rates solely on property values. VAT at 20% can be replaced by a British Purchase Tax at 15% without any cost to HM Treasury since 5% goes to the EU, a win-win on both counts for the business world. In addition, many of the regulations on the 95% of our businesses that do not export to the EU can be scrapped.

Unlike our government, we see the EU as our enemy, not our friend. Itís been as clear as day since the referendum that they would never offer us a sweetheart deal for fear of other countries leaving too. Besides, the EU is unraveling at an extraordinary pace, as can be seen from the riots in Paris, and the budgetary standoff in Rome. The EU is past the zenith of itís power and in decline. In Poland, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, and Spain, people are crying out to be heard. For nationhood, not nationalism.

In foreign policy, it is the EU that has destabilised Europe. NATO has kept the peace in Europe since World War II, not the EU, which seeks to undermine it by constructing its own army (PESCO) in competition and by not paying their fair share. If allowed to continue on this path, who can blame the Americans for withdrawing from the pact?

And in direct contradiction to the spirit of the peace terms brokered by Gorbachev, Reagan, and Thatcher, the EU embarked upon empire building by seeking to annex the Ukraine; a policy that could have triggered another European War if Khrushchev, not Putin had held the reins. Thus, the EU, not Russia is the enemy of peace, a failing political project, a failing economic project, driven by a corrupt and unaccountable bureaucracy.

Next year promises to be a tumultuous one at home, where Parliament dares to set its face against the People. A purging of the Augean stables is surely necessary. And, we at Democracy17.4 association hope to play a small part in the purge, as we continue our battle with the Electoral Commission to form a new political party.

With best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

Sir William Jaffray.
Chairman of Democracy17.4 membership association.
19 December 2018.
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