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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:43 pm    Post subject: PM DAVE SAYS STUFF YOU YOUR NOT GETTING A REFERENDUM, REALLY Reply with quote


A senior aide to David Cameron says he has ruled out a referendum on EU membership
Sunday August 7,2011
By Ted Jeory
A SENIOR aide to David Cameron says the Prime Minister has ruled out a referendum on EU membership because Britain delivered a “very clear result” on the issue 36 years ago.

In an extraordinary letter described last night as “ridiculous and insulting”, Laurence Mann, Mr Cameron’s political private secretary, said the British people did not want another in or out vote because it would be “artificial and simplistic”.

Instead, he said Britons should be grateful for the EU’s “useful work” on global warming and global poverty and stand by a decision made almost two generations ago on the far less federal body known as the Common Market.

Writing on behalf of the PM, he said: “These are compelling arguments why we believe Britain should be an active member.”

His letter was sent to Anita Segar, a senior Conservative Party member in Mr Cameron’s home county of Oxfordshire and president of the Society for Graduates at Oxford University.

She had written to the Prime Minister last month threatening to resign from the party in protest over his “betrayal” to fulfil manifesto pledges and demanding a referendum.

She urged him to “stand up to the imperious, bombastic and arrogant pirates in Brussels” who are “plundering what remains of our heritage”.

Mr Mann, who is part of Mr Cameron’s inner circle, said there were “strong counter arguments” against the vote, adding: “We had a referendum on that issue in 1975, which produced a very clear result. There is also one argument, in particular, against holding such a referendum that we find irrefutably powerful, namely that most people in our country want to say neither ‘yes’ to everything from the EU, nor ‘no’ to everything.

“The EU is not a matter of everything or nothing. We have, in the past, done well in ensuring that Britain can participate in the collective good carried out by the EU, such as free markets, while keeping out of things that we believe would be bad for our country.

“For example, we are not part of the Schengen Zone but we have kept control of our own border controls, just as, crucially, we have kept the pound.

“We should not lose sight of the EU’s very useful work, such as ensuring that all the nations of Europe are equipped to face the biggest challenges of the 21st Century: global competitiveness, global warming and global poverty.

“These are compelling arguments for why we believe Britain should be an active member. Of course the EU has some serious failings too and there are certainly areas where its powers should be reduced.

“A simplistic in/out referendum, posing an artificial choice that does not do justice to the range of views in the country, would be highly unlikely to settle the question of Britain’s membership of the EU at all.”

However, Tim Montgomerie, the influential editor of the ConservativeHome website said yesterday: “It is both ridiculous and insulting for Cameron’s office to suggest the 1975 referendum means we don’t now need a vote.

“For a start, anyone now aged under 53 was not able or eligible to vote in 1975.

“Just as importantly the EU was then described as the Common Market or the European Economic Community.

“Since then the Common Market has moved very substantially towards a political union.”

To read the full text of Mr Mann’s letter, log on to

07.08.11, 1:46pm

We have never had a referendum on the EU, just broken promises, and just in case, Mr Mann, is too young to remember, or too dim to look it up, the referendum of 1965, was on joining the Common Market, and yes, the Prime Minister, Edward Heath, lied to us then, too.

It was following this roasting in the press, for no one believed the announced result of a 'Yes' vote, the Government decided to follow the method used by the Nazi's and Russians, to create a docile population, and add the poison Fluoride to our water supplies.

Aware that they are committing treason, the liberal elite of the three main political parties have formed a secret agreement to disenfranchise the English Nation, and have succeeded in erasing English nationality from all public forms and records. We can be Irish, Scots, or Welsh, but not English.

As for their being no need for a referendum, perhaps Mr Mann might have mentioned the date Cameron has highlighted in his diary. !st November, 2014.

Upon this date, although we have never been told, the right of Parliament to legislate on anything meaningful is being handed over to the EU. All decisions will be decided by QMV (the majority vote by EUMP's)

Here's a list of the powers these traitors are about to hand over IF WE LET THEM.:
For the reader’s information herewith below the areas of EU competence that are currently subject to unanimity and will become subject to QMV from 1st November, 2014.

Competence Area: In the Nice Treaty – In the Lisbon Treaty
Initiatives of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV following unanimous request

Administrative cooperation – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Asylum Unanimity – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV
Border controls – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Citizens initiative regulations – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Civil protection – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Committee of the Regions – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Common defence policy – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Crime prevention incentives – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Criminal judicial cooperation – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Criminal law – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Culture – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Diplomatic and consular protection – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Economic and Social Committee – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV
Emergency international aid – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Energy – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
EU budget The– Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Eurojust – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
European Central Bank – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
European Court of Justice – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Europol – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Eurozone external representation – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Foreign Affairs High Representative election (New) – Lisbon: QMV
Freedom of movement for workers – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Freedom to establish a business – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon QMV
Freedom, security, justice, cooperation & evaluation – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Funding the Common Foreign and Security Policy – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
General economic interest services – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Humanitarian aid – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Immigration Unanimity – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV
Intellectual property – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Organisation of the Council of the European Union – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Police cooperation – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
President of the European Council election (New) – Lisbon: QMV
Response to natural disasters and terrorism (New) – Lisbon: QMV
Rules concerning the Armaments Agency – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Self-employment access rights – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Social security Unanimity – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV
Space – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Sport – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Structural and Cohension Funds – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Tourism – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Transport – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Withdrawal of a member state (New) – Lisbon: QMV


1. Britain is surrendering to Brussels, control of its: Asylum, Border Controls, Freedom of Movement for Workers and Immigration. (The EU is already holding secret talks with India, which will result in freedom of movement for its skilled workforce.)
As we have learned to our cost, skilled workers, from poorer countries, are already taking the basic wage paying jobs upon which our own workforce, depend.

As you can see from the above list, from 1st November 2014 every aspect of our lives, will be decided by Brussels, thanks to the lies and secret machinations of the Conservatives, Liberals and New Labour politicians. The governments of Blair Brown and Cameron, all openly lied their way into power.

It is outrageous that we have not been informed that in just two years time individual national withdrawal from the EU will be banned, unless agreed by a majority vote in the self serving EU Parliament. Cameron has been cynically playing for time, stalling us with vague promises to veto, or offer a referendum on any attempt by the EU of expanding its powers, or drafting a new treaty, while knowing that in halfway through their first term of office, his government will be stripped of the power to do so.

This is more than a criminal betrayal of trust, by successive Governments, but a conspiracy that borders upon treason, aided and abetted by the judiciary of England.
It is time to march on Parliament and arrest the Traitors and put them on trial then hang them all as they deserve, roll on the revolution.

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