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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2018 10:12 am    Post subject: 9/11, CRIME, DECEPTION, COVER UP, Reply with quote

9/11 crime, deception, cover-up,

by paulthepaperbear

Why was September 11 chosen as the day of the attacks? Was there something specific about that day?
“David Slesinger, Studied the “war on terrorism scam” since 2002.
Answered Sep 27, 2016”
“Here is a possible reason. Poppy Bush and associates took out $240 billion in bonds to buy up important sectors of the Russian economy on 9/11/91.”

9/11 “One Sheet” (240 billion dollars laundered on that day)
“1. Why did the events of 9/11 happen on 9/11? Was this a “date specific” event?”
“Yes, the event was specific to 9/11/2001 – because on 9/12/2001, $240 billion dollars in fraudulent securities became due and payable by the US treasury and paying those securities would have exposed the necessary links in hundreds of massive, global international money laundering schemes and hundreds of elected (and non-elected) officials would have gone to prison based on hundreds of current/ongoing investigations at that time. Compiled evidence of money laundering, arms sales, drug sales, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and many more crimes were destroyed forever.”
“2. Hundreds of elected and non-elected officials would have gone to prison?”
“Yes. The FBI, the CIA, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Customs, the Secret Service, IRS, the Office Of Naval Intelligence (ONI), banking regulators and global intelligence organizations as well as a number of other government agencies were tracking the money laundering activities related to gold market manipulation and global international money laundering. The “Eldorado Task Force” was a group of 55 intergovernmental agencies devoted to investigating international money laundering, whose headquarters in WTC 6 were destroyed in the attacks. These investigations all began after 1989 and were tracking years of fraudulent but very sophisticated money laundering schemes. ALL investigations were immediately halted on 9/12/2001 because not only was ALL of the evidence destroyed, but hundreds of government and non-government investigators were also killed.”
“3. Did anything unusual happen the day after 9/11?”
“Yes. For the first time in US history, the Federal Reserve cleared $240 billion dollars in securities *ANONYMOUSLY* thanks to the SEC. The SEC invoked its emergency powers under SEC Act Section 12(k) and eased regulatory restrictions for the clearance of international securities on 9/11/2001. Think about that – the Federal Reserve allowed an anonymous individual or individuals to be paid $240 billion dollars in US denominated funds without revealing their names, location or legal status. As a result of the events of 9/11 George Bush, the SEC, and the Federal Reserve approved the dispensing of “Securities Clearance” laws, for less then 15 days, a presidential approved breach of National Security, for the first time in history.”
“4. Why did George Bush and the Federal Reserve do this?”
“In 1989, a scheme was devised to end the Cold War and destroy the Soviet Union. This plan included crashing their currency and thus the economy, buying up the Soviet infrastructure at pennies on the dollar and leaving the Soviet Union a shell of its former self. The plan worked. In order to promote a sophisticated plan to crash the economy of the Soviet Union, a massive amount of money was needed – the Federal Reserve and the SEC (with the blessings of George Bush) approved the counterfeiting of $240 billion dollars in bearer bonds, commonly referred to as Brady Bonds. This scheme was covered fully under “National Security.” There were 4 parts to this “National Security” scheme:”
“A) Theft of the Soviet Treasury”
“B) Currency Destabilization of the Ruble”
“C) Funding the KGB Generals 1991 coup against Gorbachev”
“D) Takeover of key Soviet energy and defense industries by Western powers”
So the Bush family are a massive money laundering family as well as the second Bush president being a war criminal.
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