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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 6:31 pm    Post subject: SWEDEN THE DEATH OF A NATION, SAME FOOLS DOING IT HERE ALSO Reply with quote

Sweden: The Death of a Nation
Posted on May 21, 2018 by Baron Bodissey
Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends this gloomy overview of the political situation in Sweden with a multicultural apocalypse rapidly approaching.

Sweden: The Death of a Nation

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Like a drunk the morning after a magnificent binge, Sweden is slowly waking up to the grim reality of the past few decades as a humanitarian superpower and the hangover is going to be of monstrous proportions.

The Swedes were a privileged people. Their hard-working Lutheran forefathers handed over to their keeping a wealthy, modern, homogeneous and well-functioning Scandinavian nation with one of the highest standards of living in the world. Their future was secured; they had all a people could wish for. And they completely squandered it.

The damage recent generations of Swedes have wreaked on their own country is almost beyond comprehension. Coming generations of Swedes will inherit a country in shambles and struggling with insurmountable problems. Ghettos, crime, segregation and ethnic strife are now the hallmarks of the once progressive nation. And perhaps the worst thing of all for the grandchildren of today’s Swedes: in the second half of this century they will in all likelihood be just one competing minority amongst many in what was once their own country. It will be a country no previous generations of Swedes would recognize — poor, shabby, Middle Eastern and African in appearance and dominated by Islam.

What went wrong for the Swedes was they became infected by what author Tom Wolfe called “radical chic”, revolutionary romanticism. The 1960s generation of spoiled middle-class rebels in their Che Guevara T-shirts completed their degrees in social sciences and feminist studies and went on to careers in politics, education and the civil service. Many of them went into media and journalism. Their solidarity with the oppressed of the third world knew no bounds, and from their positions of power and influence they could put their revolutionary romanticism into practice.

Swedish postage stampSweden’s coffers were opened to third world revolutionary movements and their charismatic and radical young leader, Prime Minister Olof Palme, flirted with left-wing dictators and subversive groups across the globe. It was a heady time. By decree Sweden became multicultural, the borders were thrown open to mass immigration and the decay started. The fervor with which the revolutionary romantic elites pursued their goal was practically religious in character and tolerated no dissent. Politicians promised voters that mass immigration enriched Sweden; it brought economic and cultural wealth and made their country a much better place. State television and the press abandoned their critical role and trumpeted the same official message.

A few cautious dissenters raised warning voices but were soon shouted down. They were hung out in the media as “racists” and “xenophobes”. Ridiculed and vilified, they lost friends and jobs and were sometimes even hounded out of the country.

One early and high profile dissident was the university lecturer and Swedish member of parliament for the Liberal party Mauricio Rojas, himself an immigrant to Sweden from Chile. As the Liberal party spokesman on refugee and integration matters, he saw the damage uncontrolled third world immigration was doing to Sweden and warned the Swedes the path they were following would inevitably lead to disaster unless there was serious public discussion and radical reform. The retaliation was swift. Publicly branded a “xenophobe”, he was held up to public derision in the media. He received death threats from left-wing extremists and was put under 24 hour guard by Säpo, the Swedish security police. The campaign of character assassination continued unabated for months afterwards and demands were made for his removal from parliament. Unable to live in the country any longer Mauricio Rojas left Sweden forever and took up a position as a university lecturer in Spain.[1]

The fate of Mauricio Rojas and a few other critical voices was a warning to would-be dissidents to keep quiet. With their silencing an essential component of political policy-making was lost. With critical examination effectively stopped, there was no way of checking if policy was working as intended. As any engineer can tell you, remove negative feedback from a dynamic system and it will accelerate towards infinity until it shakes itself to destruction. And this is what has happened to Sweden. The policy ran away with itself on a wave of glowing rhetoric. Ordinary Swedes soaked up the illusion of the eternal blessings of mass immigration and multiculturalism like drunks on a binge and year after year the problems grew catastrophically without any reality checks.

Car burning in Sweden, January 2017
But now the inevitable has happened. The system is breaking down and reality can no longer be ignored. The massive welfare burden of a vast underclass of poorly educated and unemployable African and Middle Eastern immigrants is straining the economies of communities across Sweden to the breaking point. Large areas of Sweden are more like the Middle East and North Africa than Sweden. Crime once confined to the ghettos and relatively easily ignored is spreading to ethnic Swedish areas. Ordinary Swedes are feeling less safe as rapes, assaults and robberies escalate out of control and intrude into their lives. Riots, car burnings and open warfare waged by immigrants on the police, often carried out with machine gun and hand grenade attacks on police stations, are a regular feature on the evening news.

Immigration and its consequences have become a major public concern and is one of the main issues in the run up to the general election in September. Faith in the established political parties is rapidly shrinking while the once-fringe immigration-critical Sweden Democrat party is rising steadily in the polls, and is now at 23%, on a par with the ruling Social Democrat party.[2]

Somalis in Swedish Seved in Malmö - unimaginable sight
This has put established politicians in an impossible situation. A complete and radical change of course is urgently needed, and establishment politicians will now to have to advocate what they have been denouncing as morally reprehensible for their entire career, if they are to have any hope of being re-elected. With Orwellian abandon many of them are doing exactly that. Without blinking an eye they are busily turning into their opposites. After years of denouncing the Sweden Democrats as “xenophobes” and “racists” they are frantically copying the policies of the Sweden Democrats and espousing them as their own.

The major party of ruling coalition and Sweden’s largest political party, the Social Democrats, have made a 180-degree turn in a very short period of time. From being a party of open borders, international solidarity and free immigration they are now a party of closed borders and restrictive immigration. They are even recognizing the issue of immigrant-driven crime, a connection they have been denying existed for decades.

The party’s leaders understand this radical change of policy is an unavoidable necessity if they are to stand any chance in the September election, but it also threatens to tear the Social Democrat party apart. Many influential people in the party are still convinced ideologues of mass immigration and multiculturalism, and do not accept the change in direction.

A group of leading left-wing intellectuals has warned that the new immigration policy is “deeply immoral” and “xenophobic” and threatens Sweden’s image as a “humanitarian superpower”. They accuse the Social Democrats as well as the leading opposition party, the Moderates, of aligning their policies with growing “xenophobic” and “Islamophobic” public opinion in a cynical attempt to get votes. An internal rebellion is developing within the Social Democrats and over 100 politicians are threatening to leave the party if the new restrictive line is not abandoned and an immediate return made to the old open borders and mass immigration policy.[3] [4]

The outlook for Sweden is very bleak. The country is overwhelmed by problems caused by decades of irresponsible mass immigration and a catastrophically failed multicultural policy. That alone is a serious threat to the country’s stability, but at a time when strong and resolute leadership is needed, Sweden is also being plunged into a deep political crisis. The election will not solve any of the country’s problems, but will in all likelihood make them worse. Neither a fragmented Social Democrat party torn apart by internal warfare nor a Moderate-led conservative alliance will be able to form a majority coalition. The Sweden Democrats will likely be the largest party with between 25-30% of parliamentary seats, but also unable to form a majority government. A bickering, divided parliament will be presiding over a strife-ridden and disintegrating country.
But a tipping point has now been reached. Riots, shootings and gang rapes, once practically unheard of in Sweden, have become regular occurrences. Crime is spreading out from the ghettos, and ordinary Swedes are increasingly coming into contact with the terrible effects of their disastrous immigration policy. Sweden’s shopping malls, some of the best in Europe, are being invaded by gangs of North African and Middle Eastern youths from the ghettos. It is in these malls that many Swedes get their first real taste of Multiculturalism. Sweden’s largest mall, the Nordstan mall in Gothenburg, is no longer a showcase of Swedish modernity and prosperity, as immigrant gangs attacking, mugging and sexually assaulting shoppers are turning it into a no-go zone.[2]

Just before Easter a news story broke about a particularly violent attack in Stockholm’s showcase Mall of Scandinavia. A 17-year-old Swedish boy was approached by a gang of approximately ten Somali youths who, according to police, were “looking for trouble”. When the boys’ father intervened to rescue his son the gang turned on him and beat him to the ground. The gang of ten then formed a circle round the prostrate father and treated him like a football, aiming repeated and savage kicks straight into his face. The badly injured man was hospitalized with what police described as “serious facial injuries.” Police say they believe the gang came from the nearby ghetto of Järva.[3]

As incidents like this increasingly intrude into the lives and consciousness of Swedes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the illusion of a multicultural paradise. What is particularly worrying for Sweden’s political elites is that news of what is happening in their country is leaking to the outside world. It is seriously damaging their long fostered image of the “humanitarian superpower.”

A major blow to Sweden’s self proclaimed image came in February 2017 when US president Donald Trump asked the world to look at “what happened last night in Sweden,” referring to a Fox news report the previous evening about Sweden’s immigration-related problems. The Swedish and international press were quick to pounce on President Trump. It was triumphantly pointed out that nothing dramatic happened last night in Sweden. It was a normal, uneventful evening in a tranquil and peaceful country. Ex-prime minster Carl Bildt even posted a tweet aimed at Donald Trump, mockingly asking, “What has he been smoking?” Then, two evenings after President Trump’s remarks, a riot erupted in the ghetto of Rinkeby on the outskirts of Stockholm. Cars were torched and police were attacked and pelted with stones. Police officers were in such danger one had to fire his service weapon to warn off attackers. The riot made international headlines and the mocking voices were silenced. One wag commented on Twitter “It’s not Donald Trump that’s smoking, Mr. Bildt, it’s Rinkeby that’s smoking, just look out your window”
The world’s eyes were now on Sweden, and what they saw wasn’t pleasant. Sweden’s neighbors are especially concerned about what is going on in that troubled country. In August 2017 the Norwegian integration minister Sylvi Listhaug went to Sweden to see for herself. The visit did not go well, and sparked an incident between the two Scandinavian countries. After what was described as a “learning trip” to the ghetto of Rinkeby, Ms. Listhaug warned Norway to not follow the example of Sweden and allow crime-infested ghettos to spring up round the nation’s cities. The Swedish immigration minister Helene Fritzon was enraged at this criticism of the humanitarian superpower, and canceled a planned meeting between the two ministers, accusing Ms. Listhaug of speaking “complete nonsense.”[5]

In another blow to Sweden’s increasingly tattered image, Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg, a Swedish citizen born in Sweden to a Hungarian mother, appeared on Hungarian television in March of this year, where she explained she was leaving Sweden and moving to Hungary because of rising crime and insecurity, especially for women, in Sweden. The interview, which has been posted on YouTube[6], painted a very bleak picture of Sweden and put the Swedish authorities in full damage-control mode. Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg was vilified in the Swedish press, and last week the Swedish government sent education minister Gustav Fridolin to Hungary to do what he could to try to repair Sweden’s reputation.[7]

As the problems caused by years of catastrophic immigration escalate, it will become increasingly difficult for the Swedish authorities to hide what they have done to their country. There will be more attempts at damage control like the education minster’s pathetic mission to Hungary, but it won’t work. The dam has burst. Instead of being the land of tolerance and acceptance where Multiculturalism works and everyone lives together in harmony, Sweden is becoming known to the world as the land of ghettos and riots, of shootings, rapes and hand grenade attacks. Instead of a humanitarian superpower, Sweden has become a warning to the world of the folly of mass immigration and Multiculturalism.

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