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thomas davison
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:19 pm    Post subject: MUSLIMS ISSUE THREAT BUILD 2500 MOSQUES Reply with quote

ISLAMISTS Issue Ultimatum: Build “2,500 More Mosques” Or Your Streets Will Be ‘Covered’
November 28, 2017 2766

Muslims Issue Ultimatum: Build 2,500 More Mosques Or Your Streets Will Be ‘Covered’ The refugee crisis has arguably hit Europe the hardest. It has been one of the largest humanitarian crises since the rise of fascism during World War II. With that comes a lot of consequences. Europe is having to deal with them. One negative side effect is the

excessive number of street prayers by Muslim refugees. Muslim refugees located in France are now demanding the government provide them 2,500 more mosques if they do not want the street prayers to continue. One of them who is an activist went on to the radio

to argue that it was them who are the victims because they are forced to pray in the streets with the sewage. The Conservative Daily Post wrote the following about the problem, “The street prayers throughout Western Europe have become so normalized and

main stream that any attempt to discuss the issue is immediately met with criticism or blatant censorship. Observing the differences between European and Muslim cultures has been labeled hate speech. The globalists in charge of Europe have a different vision in

mind for the future and resistance to cultural enrichment. The efforts to change the demographics of Europe are underway as many are seeing the shift. The very same is true in the United States as moderate Republicans and every Democrat seems interested

in identity politics, using minorities to seek their admission to power. Demagogic language is used to persuade voters towards favoring one side over the other as a means to preserve their race and heritage, but in actuality the side claiming to want to help

everybody is just saying that to get all the votes they can. This is true of the Democratic-Socialists who have taken the European Union and abused its powers and rights to work their own changes to the culture of Europe. At the behest of corrupt state leadership,

hundreds of thousands of “migrants” have been welcomed. Yet, they bring an extremely different set of values and beliefs into a society, and natives are persecuted or arrested for speaking out against it.” The article continued, “Europe has long been a symbol in the world of strength and perseverance, and yet now when their culture is in dire need of leadership, those with the loudest voices are calling for an end to Christmas. Claims that it upsets the children who do not get to celebrate it means that those who do must do so in private and secrecy for fear of upsetting the culture police. What was once a global symbol for peace through diplomacy and the cradle of Democracy has been reduced to being at the mercy of rude and uninvited guests.” One of the reasons people are concerned over this newest demand is because there is a concern that the Muslim faith and culture is being overly pushed within French and European society and that the goal is to eventually make that the norm. One article articulated this point perfectly, “The mosque invasion of churches in France has been going on for decades, but with the recent election of pro-Islam French President Emmanuel Macron and the attitude of entitlement of new Muslim immigrants, the tide is surging like never before. end story teaser story body “Many Muslim immigrants express a sentiment of entitlement, believing they – one day – will replace the natives and the land in which they are strangers will come under the authority of Islamic law,” WND reported. In fact, Il Foglio Cultural Editor Giulio Meotti stressed that mosques are going up in record numbers while Christian churches are being bulldozed to the ground on a regular basis. “[Over the past 30 years, more mosques and Muslim prayer centers] have been built in France than all the Catholic churches built in the last century,” Meotti informed in a report published by the Gatestone Institute, which noted that French officials are now in the habit of demolishing old churches after the government appropriated all church property – as well as the maintenance cost – back in 1907. “[France has laws protecting old trees, but] the state is free to flatten old Christian churches [and] the vacuums created in the French landscape are already being filled by the booming mosques.” At the core of this issue is the fact that what these activists are trying to do is blackmail the French government. If they don’t get the additional mosques they want they will continue to practice disruptive street prayers. That in itself is a crime and it should be addressed. When you emigrate to a new country, the goal should be to eventually assimilate into the culture. Not the other way around. The country doesn’t need to change and assimilate towards you. Which is the mentality that one should have when a country has welcomed you with open arms.

What a good idea let them pray in the streets------and hope they dont get run down--------they did it first
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